Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wed. Feb 12 - Another day of highs and lows

We want you all to know how thankful we are for your prayers and words of encouragement. Seriously...your words hold us up. I read most of your comments and the scriptures you share to Derek in the mornings while we read and pray, and it's part of what gets us thru the day.

After a few days of him feeling and looking very ill, today he has some good color and a bit of strength...which I'm hoping are signs of better days ahead. He had a procedure last night that will hopefully relieve some of the pain he's experiences when he breathes. But for today, he's very sore and in more pain than before. Derek has also not been able to sleep since the ventilator was removed...which was days ago. So please be praying that he could actually get some rest. It's frustrating for him and not helpful as far as healing goes.

Its funny how fast things change here...really it's by the half hour. I started writing this post this morning, and we had some good news and felt relief...! And then a few hours later something else arose and here we are switching gears again...back to the HARD. We're trying to just roll with the punches, resting in God's grace when we can and trying not to look too far ahead. But these moments weigh heavy. It's hard on the heart going from one emotional extreme to the other.

Earlier today God sent two amazing, godly men to see of our pastors and our worship leader came up to love on us and offer encouragement. Derek even got to experience a little of the Sunday morning worship he's been missing...Kurt brought his guitar and we lit this room up :) It's only the 2nd time I've seen true joy on Derek's face since this whole thing started (the other was yesterday when he saw our kids for the first time).

With that said, we still need big prayers tonight. There's the possibility of a procedure tmrw that Derek does not want to do. We've been told that under normal circumstances it's a quick and easy one...but some of Derek's health issues complicate things.  

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