Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rowan's 1st Playdate

Rowan had her friend Ainsley over a week ago for her very 1st playdate.  The girls had fun trading shoes, playing cell phones (the ENTIRE time), dancing, and climbing on the furniture.  They wore each other out and were both ready for a nap at the same time. 

It was cute to see them interacting and following each other around! Ainsley was a little scared at first when she came over, but I think it's because she's used to having her 3 siblings around her all the time.  She warmed up after a bit and made her way to the toy corner though!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rowan Mae and The Great Pumpkin

We took Rowan pumpkin picking on Saturday. It was lots of fun! Rowan really loved riding in the wagon and even picked out her very own pumpkin with Daddy. It was so so precious. And Grandpa Allen came along too and had fun showing Rowee all the fun things at the Pumpkin Patch. Here are a few (well, quite a few) shots from our day...

hey this is kind of fun...

on a wagon ride with Grandpa

that one daddy, that one!

I got it! This sucker is mine...all mine!

I got it!

what the heck is this stuff?

if mommy likes it, it must be fun

look at our pumpkins

be very afraid!

i love pumpkins!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Popcorn Fest

Derek and I took Rowan to her 1st parade last month at the Valpo Popcorn Fest. It was actually pretty hot that day, so we didn't stick around too long afterwards. We did manage to meet up with Katie and Haley downtown and even saw Grandma Gora, Aunt Janel & the kids, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Liz, and Cousin Margaret (oh and of course Margaret's fiance Tam!).

We didn't take any pictures, but Rowan's Aunt Jenny was home for a visit from Houston and she got a few cute shots!