Friday, October 12, 2012

Rowan's 4th Birthday

Rowan's 4th birthday party turned out fabulous (despite the rain)!  How does it always happen to rain on the day we plan parties?  We had planned to have a back yard bash, but due to the weather, it turned out to be a garage party.  But that's okay...I got out the ol' white lanterns from our wedding to dress it up a bit...and I think it actually turned out to be much better in the garage anyway.
My friend Liz helped by making some decorations for me.  She made a Happy Birthday Rowan banner, some cute tissue poms and paper pinwheels, not to mention the fact that she hung it all up for me...super cute!  And my other friend Peggy let me borrow a couple of her fancy piped straws and lemonade coolers.  And Grandpa Gora brought us some tables, and we borrowed some hay bails from the Wyckoff farm for seats...whew...I guess it's the little touches that really make a party great if you ask me and good friends who help out.  Thank you friends!
My dad came over early to help me blow up balloons and arrange tables...I have such a sweet Dad.  He's always by my side helping me do whatever I have on my plate next.  I made hello kitty cake pops and mini cake-ball cupcakes a day or two before the party, not to mention I made my own hello kitty piniata out of foamcore and a cereal box (thanks for the idea Michelle!)...oh the details....there were a lot I guess.  I think some of my friends thought I was a little crazy with all that we did for the party.  I got that a lot actually...little comments like "it's only a party for a 4 year old" or "I can't believe ALL you did...that's a lot for a toddler party". Really?  I hadn't thought of it like that.  I didn't know there was a limit for creativity or LOVE for your child :)  Well if you know me, you know that I just love to plan and come up with ideas.  THIS IS WHO I AM! I've been doing this stuff since high and my bestie Stacey would make midnight runs to Meijer for paint, knee socks and funny shorts when I felt like getting crafty.  I guess nothing has changed much!
My sister-in-law Jenny brought her awesome camera along and took a lot of the pictures below...thank goodness.  Without her, I don't think we would have taken the time to take any!  Thank you so much sista!
Rowan loved her banner...
she has her name hanging above her window in her room now

Party on!

Cuteness...some of the decorations from my fabulous friends

Rowan and Rigby helped me make gift baskets and
organize the candy displays for all the kids


Rowan is breaking into her gift bag with help
from her buddy Livy

The candy necklaces were a bit hit

These were the makings of my hello kitty cake pops
white chocolate chip ears...I found this on a blog (not my idea)

meow :)

They got a little sweaty before time I'll know not
to take them out of the frig so early

We had to come up with another way to write happy birthday
since we didn't have a cake...this worked I guess

Cupcake cakeballs

I made sure to eat...this Momma was starved after all the hard work :)

Cousin Sydnee - the absolute sweetest
and most helpful little girl I know

Baby Julia...barely a baby now I guess. 
Such a cutie pie!

Row was shy of course....

But she did manage to blow out her candles...even though
she was trying to hide it behind her hand! darn cute. 
He was all about the cake pops.

Rowan freaked out when she opened this Beauty
and the Beast dress from Papa Dan

The hello kitty piniata before it's debut

it was a mess of fishing wire and tape

Go Rowan!  We eventually had to tear it was
made for battle and just would not rip open!

Look Mom bawoons...I heard this alot

Rowan's big girl outfit from Aunt Jenny
How is she 4 already???

And the best / worst gift ever... a Barbie jeap on steriods
from Mimi and Papa Overman.
This thing is wicked joke!