Monday, November 23, 2009

A diaper box and a belt

Derek and I went out on date a few weekends ago and left Rowan home with her Papa. This was at the end of Rowan's bout with the flu, so anything to get Derek and I out of the sick house was a bonus. We ended up going to El was delicious of course. Derek couldn't get over the fact that we were sitting in the "bar" or at least the area that used to be the bar when the restaurant was Bin Willy's. WOW. It was like a field trip...haha.

When we got home, we discovered that Papa had invented a new toy for Rowan! He tied his belt to an empty diaper box and made a little train ride for Rowee. He said she clapped and laughed while he tugged and sang "Oh Suzanna" and pulled her all over the house. It turns out that the box was a HUGE hit with Rowan and since has been retired to the trash can! We could only take so much!

Here's a clip of the next day with Daddy taking her on a much faster ride than Grandpa...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rowan the Rooster

For Halloween we decided to dress Rowan up as a Rooster -- so cute!  I know it's not the typical princess or fairy tale sort of costume, but I liked that it was a little different and seemed fitting for our Rowan :)  None of us were really up for Halloween this year anyway since the mean old flu was at our house.  Usually Derek gets all dressed up and hands out candy, but this year he barely could get off the couch!  Poor guy.  He was so sick! ug.

Well anyway, Halloween came and went for us.  We even shut our porch light out during the middle of trick or treaters and called it a night! Rowan did manage to get dressed up and made it to our 3 neighbor's houses for a visit though.  She loved eating her Smarties and helping Papa answer the door and hand out candy.  I think the latter was her favorite part :)