Saturday, November 30, 2013

Preschool Pictures!

enough said.

Mickey Mouse Parade 2013

The kids and I made it to the parade again this year.  Derek got called in to work that morning so we had to go it alone.  Our friends Peggy and Tony and their daughter Lucy were going too, so we were lucky to hitch a ride with them.

We took Sydney along...which was awesome!  The kids had so much fun with her being there.  We went to American Girl, the Lego store, ate at the Cheesecake Factory, Syd and Peggy went to the Disney Store, and we all froze our butts off.  

A good time was had by all I believe...but boy was it cold!

Something was going on with my camera...we all have demon eyes!
I'm too lazy to edit the

I love the pics of them waving

Monday, November 18, 2013

A gymnast in the making

Rowan taught herself how to do a cartwheel...and now she won't stop! 

Friday, November 1, 2013


look what happens when the kids get a bath at their Mimi's...


We're stuck home today since my hubby took the truck keys...which gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging!  It's been awhile...where do I begin?

Let's start with the present...HALLOWEEN!!! We went trick or treating with our good friends Kyle and Katie and their two little ones (Haley and Chase).  Both Katie and I are pregnant so we stayed home while the guys took the kids out...this being their first times man-ning up and doing it! It was also a rainy night so this mama was more than glad to stay in.

We started off the night with a Halloween birthday party for baby Martynn (Michelle's youngest) who turned one.  That was lots of fun.  There were about 30 kids - mostly all cousins - running around all costumed up.  And Michelle had some yummy chili and soups and was a really a great way to kick off trick or treating.  It's nights like this that make sweet memories. I'm so thankful for all the close friends and family we have around us.

This was the first year I took the kids to pick out their own years past, I've always just bought something or looked online since they were so little.  I wish you could have seen their little eyes all aglow staring at the costume wall in party city...they were so excited.  And again, another fun memory.

Rowan picked out Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (which was perfect since she already has those red fancy shoes she wears everywhere) and Rig picked a super hero of course...Batman.
Rowan as a princess for her preschool party
Let's not mention Mommy forgot her costume...
but I drove to Michelle's to borrow one.
[bad mommy]
Rigby sizing up his costume
i let the kids make fun halloween treats
to hand out to their friends...marshmallow pops
dipped in chocolate
and some scary chocolate suckers
ready to go

Batman waiting at the door for daddy to see
Dorothy getting ready
Rowan and her BFF Ainsley
anyone like their eggs sunny side up?
Mommy's attempt at a costume :)
the kids spent the morning organizing their loot
so fun!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rowan's 5th Birthday

It's hard to believe that our baby girl is already 5 years old...
it's all happening so fast...too fast for this Mama.


We didn't have the chance to give Rowan much of a birthday party this year (at least not one that was all her own).  Since we were moving that weekend and I was packing like a mad-woman just before, this prego just couldn't handle the thought of putting all that together.  We did manage to include her in a shared birthday party at Michelle's house that included her cousins and our best that worked out well.  And to be honest, I don't think she even noticed.  She was happy to blow out her candle when it was her turn for the song...and I think she actually did better this time at not being so shy.  

Happy Birthday time for Lorelei, Alivia, Rowan and Cort
It's Rowans turn to blow out the number 5
We also took the kids up to Chicago one Saturday so we could take Rowan to the American Girl Doll store for her big day.  My mom got her her very own American Girl doll for her birthday (which Rowan was so excited about) so we had to take her and the doll up to the store to pick out an outfit.
Our friends Liz and Jason came along too...their daughter Gretchen is only a few weeks younger than Row and she's one of her best buddies.

On our way to the big city!
I think we're just happy to be stuck in the car for an hour together :)
Rowan and Gretchen and their new dolls
I can barely stand how cute she is...her and that stinkin' doll.
Doesn't the doll look just like her?  
LOVE this one
Rig went along too...
he enjoyed climbing all over the Chicago landscaping :)
I got Rowan a ballerina costume for her birthday...
Grandma Gora bought a matching one for her doll too
working on their moves

Saturday, September 7, 2013

our final days at wildflower way

By the grace of GOD, we were finally able to successfully sell our first home...509 Wildflower Way.  It seemed like it took forever to get thru the by owner process, but we finally did and closed on September 13 (friday the 13th at that)! 

The buyer turned out to be a really nice and honest young man...which is probably why we were able to sell it so simply like we did.  No lawyers, no realtors, no problems.  Thank you Lord!  Even when we were at closing the agents seemed to laugh a little at the situation.  I think our "contract" was a little over basic.  A one page document stating the address, the buyer/seller, and the amount.  :)

We found out we were closing on Friday, the Sunday before.  SO, I packed our whole house and we moved in 6 days.  It was quite a week...from making baby and printing baby shower invitations to battling a large wasp nest in the crawl space...somehow we got it all done!
goodbye lovely home
goodbye giant wasp's nest!
We spent the last few hours (that didn't involve packing) fishing of course!  My dad and my brother [Chad] and nephew [Cassidy] spent time with us casting out some lines too.  
We were all trying to catch that big bass again...

Derek just reeled in his big catch
a big one!
a close up
and this is the monster I caught was too big for me to take off the line
whoa momma!

I'm gonna miss this...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rowan's first day of pre-school!

Rowan's first day of Preschool was September 4, 2013
at Perpetual Motion in Valparaiso, IN.

She was so excited as you can imagine.  

We went and bought school clothes at the resale shop, found the perfect backpack, and picked out something she could wear with her favorite sandals and leggins :)

I couldn't post just one picture of her "all ready"...
she was trying so hard to stand straight and be big.  
Oh I love this girl.


on the way there...all smiles!
but once it was time for mommy to leave...
my poor sweet girl LOST it. :(
but there were smiles again when I picked her up...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ug. hanson...again.

Rowan found an old CD...clearly I own this???!
Nothing like a little mmmm-bop to drive you crazy. 
Someone seems to like it tho...EEK.

my favorite part is when she dives out of camera view :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a regular scene around our house...rigby - without pants or a care in the world - and digging in the yard.

This morning he found a dead bird, a baby worm, a bird egg with a feather stuck to it, and some strange rock.

I kept trying to get him to come in and out of the heat...but in his serious voice with palms turned up and pounding he would say..."no mom, not until I find something else to show you, k."

Hmmmm...must I start burying treasures in the mulch for this child to keep him satisfied? ... I know what you're thinking...he'll get bored and move on, right? Wrong?! He just raises the stakes and gets the hose involved. He did this for hours this joke....hours. His little face was so red and flush!

Well at least I have some leverage with this kid...SNACKS. Thank the Lord he loves to eat :)


Nothing like a little afternoon nap with my 3 precious babies...Rowan, Rigby and the little blueberry growing in my belly! (according to baby center, my baby is now this size).

Baby Gora #3 is officially due April 8, 2014. We're so excited, thankful, and well, a little tired...