Monday, April 29, 2013

Spider Man Birthday!

Rigby asked for a Spider Man birthday party...
so we made sure he had a fun cake and a lot of superhero gifts. 
We got him his first lego set with a few lego superheros...including spiderman.  He loved it so much he slept with the little spiderman for a few weeks :)
this was fun to make! 
someone was shy when it came time to sing happy birthday

he warmed up a little when it was time to eat

he obviously needed a hair cut. 
we decided to embrace the madness in the mean time.

opening his favorite toy!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Go Go White Sox!

We took the kiddos to their first Sox game this Spring.  It was a chilly day, but we were in a good spot and able to soak up some warm sunshine.  The kids were mesmerized for the first half hour...each just sitting in their chair gazing at the field. 
After the initial "wow" wore off, we found the secret to keeping them content was snacking (of course)!  We brought our own yummies, but also made sure they experienced some ball park food. They had everything from dogs to cotton candy :)
We made it all the way to the 8th inning and then decided we'd had enough.  They were getting a little ansy and were more interested in investigating the highest spot in the stadium than watching the game.