Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Pics -- finally!

We had family pictures taken for the 1st time ever last weekend...I can hardly believe it!  I actually thought they were going to be cancelled because of the weather (it was rainy) and I had a really bad eye infection all week.  But we pulled ourselves together and went thru with it!  These pics are the only ones we've seen so far.  But aren't they just so sweet?  Ashley Wittmer, a friend from church, came to our house to shoot them, and we went down the road to to the Rice family farm too.  I'm excited to see the rest :) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bathtime babies

Rowan and Rigby have lots of fun taking their baths at night. Rowan has been helping to wash Rigby with a big surprise with her cleaning/mommying skills. Rigby just laughs and laughs whenever he's in the tub...he's so cute.

Look how much bigger Rigby is than Rowan...what a tank!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy's little helper

It's starting to look like our little Rowan might have a future as a cleaning lady.  She LOVES to help mommy clean and is (as usual) determined to do things herself.  We hear this a lot at our house..."NO, I DO IT" or "I DO IT, I DO IT, I DO IT".  I'm serious, if you give this child a task, she's a happy camper!  She loves to wipe down anything she can reach with wipes...from baby doll butts (she can wipe a teddy bear's butt over and over for hours, to kitchen cabinets, to the sofa?, and even her baby brother's crib.  She also loves to sweep the floors, take a new trash bag and place it in the trash can (whether it's empty or not), and is even doing dishes now.  She'll stand at the sink and just rinse and wash on her own, sometimes making a mess with water but other times is actually being helpful. 

I'm always amazed by what a 2 year old is capable of! I can't imagine what this little monkey will be up next year when she's turning 3.  With my luck she'll probably be more into making messes than cleaning them up at that point!  I had Derek take a video of her helping mommy rinse dishes last was SO cute so check this out.  She has a little bit of a messy face from dinner, but I think that makes it all the more enjoyable!

Monday, November 8, 2010

My little chicken butts

Halloween came and went this year; for some reason we just weren't really "into" it. I got the kids dressed up and we went to a whopping 3 houses to trick or treat and then just handed out candy the rest of the time. It was nice just sitting up on the truck and watching all the older kids and their parents make the rounds anyway. Rowan was a little freaked out though. She doesn't understand that scary costumes are pretend yet. So whenever a little kid would come up for candy wearing a mask or something rightfully scary, she would cry and clench onto us for dear life :) Some of those masks freak me out so I can't blame her I guess!