Friday, August 26, 2011

dancing fools

I took the kiddos to Bdubs the other night for dinner, and they had a blast.  There were french fries and chicken fingers all over the place!  And they loved the loud music..especially the techno?  I'm guessing they get that from their Daddy (Derek loves to show them his old dance moves).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wagon rides anyone?

well, it sounds like fun doesn't it?  pulling a wagon or (better yet) walking alongside while someone else does all the hard work.  but to be honest, it gets old about the 5th time in one day!  rowan has become increasinlgy fond of pulling rigby around in the wagon.  we all get tired of it...even my mom!  she told me the last time she was over that mimi can only take so much :) rowan is slowly wearing us all down...

one of the cutest things about us going on walks though, is that our cat (cole) follows us.  it's so's like he babysits the kids.  he even crosses the street with us.  too funny.  and if cole shows up late when we're already on a walk, he'll run to where ever we are and then trot alongside.  if he gets too far ahead of us at any point along the walk, he'll lie down on the sidewalk and wait for us.  this cat is something else i tell ya! 


this is one of my favorites from the summer...
you can see rigby in the background following his big sister.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 little princesses

i sent these pictures to derek in a text message that said "someone needs a little brother, or someone needs a little sister"  ... obviously i'm dreaming, because derek has officially stated that he's done pro-creating. my hope is that if rigby keeps indulging in dress up, he might actually change his daddy's mind :)  dare to dream i guess...

my little princesses

purses and all...

mini monet

well, i finally decided to let my little rigby get his feet wet painting...or should i say fingers :)  i usually make rowan wait until rigby is napping for her painting escapades, just because rigby has been more into eating and tasting than anything else up to this point.  but i gave in this weekend and decided to let him have some fun, even if it did involve some ingesting of paint. 

i was really surprised though...rigby got ahold of that paintbrush and did his best to paint our infamous ceramic kitty.  he got a little distracted at one point and was painting his chest and belly with the was so cute!

our infamous ceramic kitty and doggy have been with us for 2 whole years now.  my original thought was that after they were finished i'd buy more little animals or cute ceramics for her to paint...but it's looking like that might not ever happen!  rowan seems to paint and repaint the same areas on the them (their faces) leaving most of their backsides paint free.  she doesn't seem to get the idea that she's already painted those areas (numerous times) and that the white areas still need some of her attention.  so anyway, i think i need to buy a flat ceramic object for her so that it only has one :)

the infamous kitty and mini monet in action

he's serious

working hard :)

i love how they both have the same "concentrating" expression

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

daddy's boy

rigby came around the corner the other morning sporting his daddy's sox hat and grinning ear to ear. he was so proud to be wearing his daddy's hat.  i sent a text message to derek with this picture and he said it made him tear up.

daddy's little man in the making...well except for the stroller part :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Porter County Fair

We made it to the fair again this year....twice!  We had our fill of yummy fair food and hillbilly's that's for sure.  We missed out on all the animals though, which was a bummer.  We got there a little too early in the week so all of the animals hadn't made it there yet.  We did manage to see the bunnies though, and they were a big hit :)

Rowan went on rides this year and loved it!  Except for the swings, that was sort of a disaster.  And poor little Rig, he just can't be trusted yet.  So he had to stay on the sidelines and watch...and he wasn't super thrilled about it either.  He basically growled and tried to squeeze thru or break the gates.  So sad!  But he's not big enough to understand that he has to stay seated on the rides...maybe next year.

a cowgirl's view

admiring the big girl swing ride


flying her plane with her co-pilot Gretchen

all of the sudden she's not so sure about the swings
little drivers

tea cups!

Monday, August 8, 2011

deep river = deep pockets

katie and i took the kids to the waterpark one day --- and i doubt i'll be doing that again any time soon.  it was fun for the kids, don't get me wrong, but it cost nothing short of a small fortune to get in.  i was stupid enough to decide honesty is the best policy when it comes to my kid's age...and 12 months just happened to be the cut off for half price admission.  so rigby cost $17, rowan cost $17 (kids cost) and then the adult cost was $25 bucks, plus i brought my eleven year old niece along which was another $25.  i think i spent upwards of $80 getting in to the place.  yikes!  if i would have known it would be highway robbery to get in, i obviously would have went to the beach or found something else to do. 

supposedly after 2pm the prices drop significantly, but that's not necessarily the best time of day for little ones who need naps and dinners and all that. 

well at least lincoln park zoo was free, that makes me feel a little better.

yes, we are very HANDY and CAPABLE women. 
we strapped that badboy to the roof ourselves!
having a little girl time

i wonder what they're talking about :)

getting a little tired i think

soon after, a serious pretzel disagreement

this guy will sleep anywhere!

vacation time!

i took some time off in july and was able to spend the week just doing stuff with the kids.  our babysitter was heading to disneyland for a week, so i got to play mommy 8-5.  it was actually the perfect way to spend a week paid...playing with my precious babies!  we were out and about every day - swimming at friends, going the park, the zoo, the waterpark, swimming again in our hillbilly pool and then finally spent a day at my mom's.

oh how i wish i had more time with the kids like this.  the house was still as messy as usual, and i think i only managed to make a good dinner one night that week...but it was so worth it.  derek can't take any vacation time since he's just in the beginnings of his ironworker's internship so that was a bummer. 

we ended up going up to lincoln park zoo in chicago one day with katie, haley and baby chase.  it was super hot of course, so there really weren't too many animals out and about.  but the girls still LOVED it of course.  i think both haley and rowan enjoyed the bird exhibit the most!  doesn't it figure...all these large exotic animals and the girls had the most fun with the ones they could find in their back yard.

rowan and haley were really cracking us up that day.  they held hands, ate snacks, and traveled in style!  i pushed two 30lb kids and stroller the size of a bus around all day...and i seriously got a work out.

first class seats

bff's rowan and so cute!

rigby and his bff - FOOD :)

mmmm my very own ice cream cone....thanks mommy!

i think haley is trying to get rowan on board for kissing...rowan isn't much for friend affection. 
she usually pushes away even for hugs.

it looks like haley won her over! 

watch out fools -- we own this place!

all tuckered out

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

random summer

at the local park, swinging to cool off

at the parade in laporte

showing off her lipstick

rowan wearing mommy's "modified" suit after her's lost a battle to #2

swimming at peggy's!  rig loves the water :)

leave it to papa dan

my dad watched the kids not too long ago, and this is how we found them in the morning...
it's not too big of a deal i guess, but my son is wearing his sister's shirt. 
rigby looks pretty in pink :)

a style all her own