Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rowan loves shoes

Rowan is growing up so fast...she recently discovered what SHOES mean to us girls. She's been carrying around her little baby shoes and has even been trying to walk around in mine. It's so funny! Last night we helped her put on Mommy's flip flops and she just stood there and bounced with sweet :)

One day last week she tried on one of my slippers (obviously without help) and wore it around all morning on her leg! See pic...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Dancer

Rowan is turning into a little dancing queen. We've had this little radio set up on the floor where she can reach it and she absolutely loves it. She turns it on and off and on again and dances the whole time. She really likes Kenny Chesney too...Check out some of her moves...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun on a Saturday

Rowan and I went over to her Grandma Gora's on Saturday and went swimming! It was a quick dip because Rowan was ready for a nap...but it was all we needed. Earlier that morning we went to Derek's baseball game and sweated it out; it was almost 90° out. Here are some shots of our day...

what a stud!

later at Grandma's...

Rowan's Birthday Party Invitation

Here's Rowan's 1st Birthday invite...we're emailing it to everyone instead of printing and mailing. We're poor! hahaha.

We had hoped to have Rowan's Aunt Linda take a pic of her to use on it - but we both had busy weeks and never got together. So, it's not as fabulous as it could have been...but it works :) This is the best I could do with a squirmy, headstrong 1 month old. And look -- the little monkey almost smiled! She's a tough little cookie when it comes to smiling for the camera. Ahhhh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You decide...

Daddy, Rowan and Mommy as babies. Crazy alike, aren't they?

Baby Snack Paw

Rowan and I went to Portage on Sunday after church to watch Derek's baseball game. I almost had a heart attack when we got there and I realized the ladies in the church nursery accidentally kept Rowan's wipes after her diaper change. Um yeah -- not a good thing to be at a baseball field with a messy poo-er like Rowan! Thankfully we made it thru afternoon without any mishaps though. Whew.

Rowan's been doing really well in the church nursery on Sundays. This week she was playing with Janelle (Goetz) Lautenbach's little baby boy...his name is Luke. He is soooo cute! He has the biggest, most gorgeous blue eyes. I think Rowan might have a crush on him :) I know I do.

She's been doing this new thing where she walks around with her snack cup stuck on her hand. It's funny because she'll walk all over and forget she has this crazy cup on her little paw. She'll pull her hand out to eat when it's necessary but immediately returns her fist to the cup and continues to play. Here are some random pics from our baseball outing...(snack paw included)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pretty girl

I just ordered this pic in an 8x10 and it's now hanging on our living room wall -- it's so cute! It's a photo the photographer took at Jenny's wedding. This is when Rowan was 8 months old...

Derek and Kyle = crazy babies

Last night I took mini videos of Derek and Kyle playing with their baby girls. I think it's pretty certain that Rowan is going to be a wrestler and Haley a dancing queen...

I still can't believe these two nuts are actually daddy's now. It's going to be so much fun watching the girls grow up together. It's funny to think that this is how God had it planned out all along...