Friday, May 28, 2010

Birth Announcement

I finally sent out Rigby's birth announcement! What a relief. Time seems to slip away with these two little ones. And it's nearly impossible to sit at this computer to make anything (like announcements or printing envelopes or writing thank you's) with Rowan around. She's climbing all over me like a little monkey from the second I sit down! Right now I'm taking the time to blog since it's 10 o'clock at night and they're both sleeping...hmmm I should probably consider going to bed myself since Rig still wants to eat every two hours and I feel a little bit like a nursing zombie. Ok then...enough said. GOODNIGHT!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo shoot with Linda

Derek's sister Linda came over last Friday to take pics of Rigby for his birth announcement. She had taken Rowan's pics a year and a half ago, and I forgot how much work it was! We were both exhausted by the end. Seriously, I could NEVER be a photographer. Trying to keep the little guy happy while jostling him around and changing his clothes was not easy. He was probably tired of it too by the time we were done.

Here are a few of the pics...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bath time

Derek gave Rowan a bath the other night ... need I say more?

Rigby is 1 month old!

I snapped a few shots of Rigby yesterday while I was sweating out another ferocious fever (I had a very icky weekend by the way) and was surprised to see how much the pics looked like Rowan at exactly the same age. So I'm including two pics for you all to's so crazy.

Rigby's on the left / Rowan's on the right

Obviously Rowan is much prettier than Rigby and rightly so, she IS a girl after all :) haha. Rowan's pics were also taken with Aunt Linda's awesome camera which is professional grade so that's in her favor here too. Linda's going to be coming out there soon to snap a shot of Rigby for his baby announcement...I'm a little late getting one out. He's a month old now -- which is hard to believe -- so we better get crackin'.

I took Rigby for his 1 month appointment this morning and here are his stats:
Weight 12lbs 2oz and in the 95% (Rowan was 10lbs 15oz and in the 75%)
Height 23 1/2" and in the >95% (Rowan was 21 3/4" and in the 90%)
What a chunk!

That means this boy has grown 4 lbs and 3 1/2" since we brought him home. I guess that will happen if you force your mother to feed you EVERY 2 hours for a month :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reflux Rig

I've been putting Rigby in his crib for naps the last few days, just to get him used to it before he starts sleeping in there all night. Today was a really good day for the little guy...thank goodness.

For those of you that don't know, Rigby has been quite a handful since week 2 of his little life. His first 2 weeks were awesome -- he never cried or anything. Awesome right? Ummmm no! Right after he turned 2 weeks old he started screaming, gagging, burping, and having very painful baby poos and gas. Poor baby! Derek and I were about ready to jump ship!

Seriously...this boy can SCREAM. It's been exhausting. We've had some rough nights. We took him to the doctor and it turns out he has reflux (baby heartburn) just like Rowan had. He's been on meds for a whole week now and today was the 1st day that he really seemed to pain-free. Amen! He slept and slept and didn't scream either...which is amazing. And better yet, he started stretching out the time between feedings. He was wanting to nurse every 2 hours - which is nuts. Four weeks of nursing this little guy every 2 hours has been overwhelming.
I think we've won this battle...whew. Now on to potty training Rowan! More on that subject on my next post :)

Here's a pic of Rowan introducing Rigby to his crib (which used to be hers) and to Mr. Giraffe (who also used to be hers). So cute!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent pics!

No time to write...Rigby is about to wake up and Rowan is almost done with her are some of the latest pics of these two cuties.

Rigby's GANGSTER pose

Had to include this one because of the DIMPLES!

My girlfriend Erin holding Rigby in the only position in which he would not scream...he's actually asleep here!

The coolest kids around...

Big sister Rowie...and Rigby with an old man face :)

Daddy and Rigby hanging out

Everyone's tired at our house...and Daddy and Rowan take time for a Sunday nap...they're ALOT alike :)

Rowan playing with moon sand

Rowan dancing with her baby