Friday, April 30, 2010

Daddy's boy

I've been enjoying my 1st week home with babies...both Rowan and Rigby have adjusted really well. Things are a little complicated still because I'm not supposed to pick up Rowan since I had the c-section. The complicated part comes when it's nap time or lunch time or she wants to be held or I need to change her diaper and she's kicking and squirming!

Rigby still sleeps a lot but manages to wake up for about an hour each night to see his daddy. I took a video of Derek holding him when Rig was only 5 days's very sweet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rigby Michael Gora

Our precious baby boy has arrived! God blessed us with the birth of our 2nd child on Tuesday April 13th. Rigby Michael Gora was born at 6:05pm and weighed in at 8lbs 4oz & was 20" in length. He was born 12 days before his actual due date (April 25) but only 3 days before the scheduled c-section date (April 16). I guess I should have remembered the verse in Proverbs that says "A man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps" true and as always, so good to be reminded of :)

I ended up waking up really early Tuesday morning at 4am w/back cramps and a terrible tummy sickness. I laid there for hours trying not to barf or have other "occurances" lets just say I knew something wasn't right. I also felt like I had a fever and had a strange achey feeling, both of which I did not feel when I went into labor with Row. So I was afraid I was coming down with a bad cold or flu or something...I couldn't be in labor. Not today! We had big plans for our niece Sydnee's birthday party and packing and cleaning and just lots to do before the baby comes...

All morning I fought this thing, but just could not shake the pain. I kept thinking that there was no way I was in labor because if the pains were contractions they were way too long. I took a bath, sat on the heating pad, tried sleeping...and eventually, called the dr. He told me just to go into the hospital for a quick check and they'd send me home if it wasn't real labor. Needless to say, I was in labor and having contractions 1 minute apart for 7 minutes...then they would subside for 10 minutes and I would have a giant contraction and then the cycle would repeat. So there was no stopping it and the labor pains were getting rather familiar by then anyway...and although I was trying to NOT have the baby that Tuesday, things were just as they should be. Derek and both my parents were able to make it to the hospital just before I was wheeled back for the surgery...not bad for a 1 1/2 hour notice :)

So as always, it all worked out in the right time and the right way...and we're so glad little Rigby is finally here. He's so cute and so sweet...he never really cries or anything. He just likes to sleep and eat and sometimes to look around and make funny faces. What a life! I had forgotten how much newborns sleep...and how precious and helpless and tiny they are. Little miracles...

Derek wearing his favorite outfit...again

Rig and Mommy

Rig and Daddy

Rig and Row...somebody just woke up and could not WAIT to hold her baby brother :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sox Opening Day

Rowan and Daddy "donned" their White Sox duds on Monday for Opening Day...don't they look cute?

Cozy Coupe

We decided since our child basically has no outside toys to speak of and only plays with mulch and landscaping when we go outside, that we would invest in a Cozy Coupe! Which has turned out to be a great buy, by that way. She absolutely loves it. We got the idea because she's in love with my friend Michelle's little play car, and it's something she can push around on her own or with our assistance. The new versions of this little car come with a floor that you can put in it so you can push them without tangling their little legs...very smart. Here are some pics & movie from the day we gave it to her...