Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mmmmm peas

Rowan loves eating peas! She gets mad at me during dinner time if I don't let her feed herself in some fashion...usually I give her snacks or chunks of food. But a few weeks ago I decided to try a baby spoon and she actually stuck it in her mouth. So now at dinner time she usually demands the opportunity to shovel it in. Here is her 1st "messy" attempt...

Colorado pics

Rowan getting her "laps" in on the train ride...Daddy is balancing her. You need to click on the pic to make it bigger -- it's so worth it to get a closer look at her mischievous grin :)

Daddy and Rowan posing after our day at the Hot Springs

Derek's family tradition...posing with the Vail bear

Colorado Trip

We just got back from our vacation in fabulous Colorado. It's so relaxing and beautiful out there! Now I know why Derek has such fond memories vacationing there as a child. We did a lot of sight seeing and shopping - and we definitely got some use out of our stroller. We took Rowan with us everywhere we went (except for the one afternoon that we went golfing) so it was a lot of work! She's so heavy now so getting her in and out of strollers and car seats was beginning to be a chore by the end of the week :) Plus I think she was getting sick of it. She just wanted to run around...literally!

Rowan also started walking 3 weeks ago, right after she turned 9 months. She started off a little wobbly, but is cruising all over the place now. She practically runs -- it's so cute. She usually has one or both arms straight up in the air too...I'm thinking for balance? Also very cute!

Her walking adventures sure made for a busy vacation. Since she was so mobile, she was into everything. All she wanted to do was open cabinet doors (she was amazed that they actually opened, unlike the baby proofed ones at home) and she also really really wanted to stick her fingers into the box fan. We had to watch her like a hawk!

Here's a video of her favorite place in Colorado - the Denver airport! She LOVED all the open space. She was walking up to strangers and yelling at them. So funny.