Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boating over the 4th of July

we went up to magician lake over the weekend of the 4th to do a little "borrowed" boating.  our friend's luke & michelle let us use their boat while they were out of town...thanks guys!  the weather ended up being perfect that day at least up in michigan (at home i was told we missed some big storms). 

we had a few boating ills - an unplugged battery, a missing plug, anchor issues, and finally another dead battery that resulted in a friendly tow fom passerbys :)  but in spite of it all, we actually had a wonderful time.  we packed our lunches and brought lots of drinks and managed to relax a  little. 

my dad was able to come along too which was nice.  it reminded me of all the good times we had growing up at the lake with our bass boat.  we used to go tubing and fishing and just cruising around on the lake. i have such sweet memories of those days.   derek and i want to share the same with our kids... we dream of owning our own boat one day :) 
getting ready to go
rigby loved the boat, i was surprised!
rowan was a trooper too...eventually she tuckered out
a little later little rigby gave it up too
the fam

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hillbilly heaven

enough said :)

Brewing Boys

This year I decided to do something *special* for my hubby for Father's day. Now, I realize a beer related gift might not sound super appropriate, but since it was his day, I figured I might as well get him something he'd love. Thanks Visa :)

A friend of mine at work gave me the idea to get him his own beer brewing kit...and after it was suggested, it HAD to be done! Derek talks about wanting to open a brewery all the time (one of his many dreams) so it was the perfect idea. And it turns out it was...I guess he and a few of his buddies have been talking about how they wish they had one! They recently went to Indy to some sort of beer fest (beer tasting I was told) and have been dreaming ever since. 
So anyway, brewing is underway. We currently have it brewed and bottled, and it's carbonating for 10 days. mmmmm ? Anyway, these pics capture it all...
every man's dream

look at the brew goo on the lid...mmm

i guess this looks about right

sterilizing is a big deal i guess...no botulism for us

derek and jason...living the dream

their "scientific" pose

sanitized and sterilized thanks to whirlpool