Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big sister

Rowan has been so sweet and loving to her new baby brother. It's fun to see her trying to "mommy" him and teach him things. She likes to stick his bottle in his mouth and help put baby powder on him and hand me diapers when I'm changing him. I really have to keep my eye on her though because she's tried feeding him her snacks a few times. Yikes. I don't need the little guy choking on a fruit snack.

One really cute thing Rowan is doing right now is saying "awwww" every time she sees a picture of Rigby on my phone or camera. It's funny because that is obviously the sound I make when looking at the pictures and now she's doing it. It still cracks me up though because she catches me off guard when she does she thinks the picture is cute or something. Hahaha :)

Here's a video of Rowan "helping" Rigby make a phone call, well sort of.

Rigby is 2 months old

Rigby is two months old and weighed in at 15lbs 14oz at his 2 month appt. What a chunk! We also discovered at his two month doctor visit that Rigby is allergic to milk protein. So that explains why he's been screaming all the time. The poor little guy was allergic to his food! And with eating every 2 hours for two months straight, he was practically torturing himself. I thought it was a little strange that he would stop nursing mid-way thru his meal to arch his back and scream, but I thought it was all just the reflux. Obviously not! We started soy formula (no more breastfeeding) and it's been a complete miracle fix for him. He's relaxed now and isn't always stiff and crying from the pain. Now he just smiles and coos and giggles. Praise God!!

My good friend Jenny from high school stopped by last week with her new baby Landon. Jenny and I were actually pregnant and due at the same time. So baby Landon is just 2 days older than Rigby. It was fun being prego together and sharing all of our aches and pains and stories. We were calling and texting eachother like crazy the week before these boys were born. Besides sharing their birth week, these boys also share the same milk allergy and both had to have their circumcisions tweeked at their last dr. appts. I guess both Jenny and I are idiots and didn't know that we needed to be pulling back the skin in that area to keep it from growing back together. Shouldn't doctors tell you this stuff? No one told me and no one told Jenny. Um, OUCH! Poor babies. Their 2 month appts were a little rough...shots and pee-pee ouchies.

Here are a few pics of these boys. Please take note of the SIZE difference. Um yeah, one of the babies looks a little on the heavy side, don't ya think? Look at the difference in the size of their feet alone...oh my goodness.

Rowan the Artist

Rowan likes to make her mark on things these days...with crayons and sidewalk chalk and pens. So I let her put her artist skills to work for Father's Day to make her daddy a card. She also helped make him one last year, but she was more into drooling on paper and eating it than coloring at that point. I always make the cards I give to Derek and it's fun now having Rowan help. Unfortunately for Father's Day this year we got a little bit of a late start and were making the card the morning of. And I had a little bit of hard time keeping her "on task" with all the glue, scissors, crayons and markers lying around. So, our card ended up being a little pathedic this time (see below) but it still served it's purpose well. Her daddy liked it, and she was proud of what she made so I guess that's all that mattered.

Have I mentioned that Rowan tried drawing with sidewalk chalk on our new truck? Um yeah, but thankfully chalk wipes right off the outside of a car -- whew! She also brought her chalk into the house and drew on my kitchen floor. FYI chalk also wipes off the kitchen floor. And while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing our floors yesterday, I found that crayon can also be cleaned off wood and tile. Hmmmm. But unfortunately, I don't think ink pen comes off of computer screens, does it? Well, when I wrote earlier that Rowan likes to "leave her mark", I just wanted to make sure you fully understood what that meant. I'm a little scared of the day she's tall enough to reach her daddy's flat screen tv. I'm sure to her it appears to be a blank canvas just awaiting her handiwork.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun with Mimi

Rowan sure loves her Grandma and Grandpa Overman. My mom is usually the 1st person she asks for in the morning...and my friend Erin of course. Right now, Erin is in first place with Rowan. Sorry mom. She wakes up, talks about Air-ee (how she says Erin) and then Mimi, Daddy and the baby. She sure has her favorites!

My mom came over a week or so ago to visit Rowan and I wanted to make sure I took a few pics of her and her Mimi playing together. My mom is so good with Rowan and doesn't just sit and watch her play, but always gets into the nitty gritty and really plays with her. I think that is why Rowan loves her Mimi so much. Here are a few pics of the two of them wrestling and getting a little crazy; Rowie likes to play rough! She learned this from her daddy who can "take" it. I don't think Mimi is made to wrestle and get pushed around...even if it is by a 1 year old.