Tuesday, March 29, 2011

something new

i was thinking today about how precious life is, and how thankful i am to God for the little things.  there has been so much going on lately that sometimes it seems overwhelming.  but when i take the time to slow down, sit back and take a look at our life, i'm amazed at how blessed we are. 

we live in a home that's practically a mansion when compared to how the rest of the world lives...seriously.  there are so many people out there struggling and hurting who don't have homes or food, little babies out there who don't have mommy's to hold them and rock them to sleep.  and i get caught up in moments of frustration because my cell phone keeps shutting off or inpatient because we don't have cable or satelite tv anymore and have to sit thru commercials.  seriously? 

about 6 months ago God started working on me a bit (and derek too) and started softening us to what's really going on in the world, and in our own hearts for that matter.  we were introduced to a ministry that is helping orphans in Uganda...and since then, i've actually been crying myself to sleep.  just hurting for those little babies out there who don't have anyone to offer them a little kindness, let alone the love and acceptance that kids need to survive.  i tell my little rowan that she's a good girl, that i love her, that i'm proud of her, that i miss her, and i tuck her in bed every night and hold her because she says "mommy snuggle me". and it breaks my heart that there is a 2 year old right now, without a mommy, putting herself to sleep on a concrete floor, with no blanket, no hug, and just trying to stay out of the stream of urine that's puddled nearby.  this is something that is serious to me now.  the cable tv and newest most fabulous cell phone doesn't really seem like a priority anymore.

i keep finding myself asking the question...what's really important?  is it the american dream?  the really nice house, decorated and finished off to last linen, towel and night stand, the expensive crew crab truck, designer clothes, or our kids having every toy and item of clothing we deem necessary?  necessary?  hmmmmm.  that word just sounds so different to me now. 

well, i am so thankful to God and praise him for what he's showing us and working in us.  we have this desire to change our lives and to help others, and i have to say, it's a first for me in my 33 years.  it's the first time, even as a believer, as someone who loves and lives to honor God, that i've actually sat back and saw things thru eyes that are a little less self focused.  i know i don't usually write stuff on our blog about our personal/intimate lives...i usually just keep it light hearted and all about the kids.  i just wanted to put this out there.  it's the most exciting thing, the thing we're most proud of at this moment. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

crazy tongue baby

One other thing Rigby has been doing lately is playing with his tongue.  It's really funny.  I have no idea what he's trying to do...but it cracks me up. 

Rigby is a BUSY little man

Rigby is becoming quite a little man.  Last night he actually reached up and opened his own bedroom door...which he thought was hilarious.  He is a whopping 30lbs at 11 months...he's actually been this weight for about 2 months now.  Thankfully his weight gain has slowed down a little.  This kid LOVES to eat.  We usually just stop feeding him at dinner time because he won't stop when he's full.  He'll just eat until he barfs...so gross.  No joke. 

Rig's been crawling since he was 5 months old...that's 6 whole months now and the little guy still isn't too interested in walking :)  He walks around furniture and stands up and has taken a step or two.  But he always reaches for the floor after a moment or two and takes off crawling again.  We don't mind though!  He's already into everything so I can't imagine how I'll keep up once he's actually on his feet. 

He's constantly getting into stuff.  Here are some examples of his favorite activities:
...opening the pantry door and pulling cans of food off the shelf or opening the bag of cat food for a snack
...opening the vanity drawers in the bathroom and dragging everything all over the place
...splashing around in the toilet (it's a must to keep seats down and bathroom doors closed at our house!)
...chewing...chunks of wood & paint off his crib...mommy's entertainment center...the stone hearth?
this is a strange one...chewing the foam door stops off of the cabinet doors (you know, those little pads that keep the door from slamming...we barely have any left around here)
...and of course, giggling...this little guy is super happy and laughs all the time


I guess we're still busy, because I haven't had time to keep up with posts here lately.  What have we been doing?  WHO KNOWS!  I've been working late hours the last month, Derek's been Mr. Mom doing laundry and dishes, Rowan has been crazy as ever carrying purses everywhere and talking our ears off, and Rigby has been eating everything in sight (including things that are NOT food), having ear infections, and working his way towards walking. 

Getting ready for some snow time with daddy

A moment of glee opening her Woody & Jessie from Mimi

A typical night...the kids love to play in Rigby's crib

Still playing...

Rig eats like a champ!

More please!!

My little Rowan...shoes with no socks, no pants, a baby hat backwards, and a stroller with at least 2 purses
loving her Woody
more love to Woody

doing Daddy's hair...gotta love the make-shift cape