Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sat. Feb. 15 - The best day yet

I'm so thankful for today. It's been quiet here for the most part; Derek has had only one major issue so far today. And a day with only one negative is huge for him! A lot of his blood work is inching its way toward the better as well we're told. I'm hopeful this is a turn in the right direction and that nothing else in his body freaks. He's still in that intense pain and something is going on in there, but we're moving away from complete organ failure. Thank you for praying!

My heart is quiet today...taking a well needed rest. Since Derek hasn't needed much attention, I've actually spent most of my time napping (which I'm sure my mom will be happy to hear). At one point today he was sitting in the chair and I was in the hospital I guess it's my turn to crash.

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