Friday, March 26, 2010

Just being cute!

Big girl bed

A month ago we decided to convert Rowan's crib to the toddler bed; which means we basically removed the front rail from the crib. We wanted to give her a head start on trying out this "big girl bed" before her brother arrives...which is now only 3 short weeks away. Our plan is to move the new baby into the crib after he's a month or so old and move Rowan into a regular twin bed at that point. I think it might have been a little early to start this process (she was 17 months old) but a lot of other mom's I know have had to do it...and even earlier than us.

I'm proud to say that Rowan made the switch without any major issues. Her very 1st night in the new bed I woke up to find her crying at the back door...she was crying because it was locked (thankfully) and she couldn't get it open. I think she was still asleep though because when I scooped her up her eyes were closed and she went right back to bed. ? Then about a week later she did the same thing with the back door -- who knows! But that night she did not go back to bed quite as easy...that ended up being one of those loooong nights where all she wanted to do was play in the middle of the night. Thankfully, we only had two or three of those. One night I ended up sleeping (not really of course) out in the living room so I could stop her at her door in mid-escape. She would open her bedroom door and say "Cole" or "poo poo" or "owe" ...she was trying all different tactics to get out of bed. Eventually I was even laughing because she was getting so creative. Then after so many spanks and me saying "no's night night time", she would just open her door and say NO NI-NIGHT and then slam it shut and cry! I think she finally got tired of the routine at 3:30 and decided to stay in bed.

Anyway, we had a few nights here and there of her crying and getting out of bed...but she figured it out and isn't giving us any trouble anymore. I'm still considering putting a baby gate up at her bedroom door though to make it a little harder for her to get out if she decides to go on another nightly stroll.

Here's a video of her playing in her new bed...which she absolutely loves to play in by the way. She goes in her room to play by herself a lot now and we'll find her sitting in her bed playing baby dolls. So cute...

Oh and the chair is in front of her bed so she doesn't fall out at night...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jumping Bean

A few weeks ago we got Rowan's Jump-n-Go out of the crawl space so that Baby Haley could play with it. Rowan ended up taking full advantage before handing it over to her little buddy...just see the video below.

Rowan spent probably about an hour in this thing each morning while I cleaned up the kitchen. She's obviously a little bit too big for it, but I think that's why she loved it so much. She's going to have a blast once the baby swing and bouncy seat make an appearance again for her baby brother :)

Random Rowee

Here I go again not keeping up with Rowan's blog...I've been busy and tired, you know the routine. There's work, the house and groceries and cooking and loads of laundry that live out their lives in baskets and on the floor, the new baby's nursery project, there's Rowan of course who loves to be held by momma and climb everything and empty cabinets and leave trails of toys and shoes all over, my hunk of a husband Derek who has achey joints and muscles that need rubbed from his new job, trying to keep up with Bible studies and our church groups, and then the whole being 9 months pregnant thing.

iy-yi-yiiii. Anyone want to trade lives? Actually the only part I want to trade away is the 1st item on the list...WORK. Oh how I'd love to concentrate all of my energy and heart on the more important parts of my life that seem somehow to get the least amount of my time...hmmmm.

On a lighter note...Rowan just had her 18 month appt with Dr. Lin and all is well. She's been stuck at the same weight since she turned one...about 26 lbs. Dr. Lin said she's following the growth curve just right however and that there is nothing to worry about. Rowan is a bit of picky eater though. She definitely has her favorites. I've found though that if I give her enough time, eventually she'll eat most of what is in front of her. I blame Derek -- he's a picky eater and passed his stubborn food eating antics on to his precious baby girl. I'm praying this next baby is a little more easy going when it comes to food!

Here are some random shots of Rowan over the past month...

Rowan with her favorite buddy Cousin Sydnee...their 1st sleepover together

Playing with her baby doll's mini pack-in-play

Still in love with shoes of course...but has moved on to heels