Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Rigby opening his ball popper

Rowan trying on her jammies

Rowan and Rig enjoying their new wagon from Mimi

Getting ready to open presents Christmas morning

Two studs playing toys :)

Cole got in on the action too

Happy family...Derek, Rig, Cole, Rowan & Mommy

Rigby playing on his new toy from Mimi Gora

Rowan's Concert by the Fireplace

Rowan has been singing a lot lately, and it is so cute! Sometimes when we're driving in the car she'll just start singing a song in her sweet little voice...Derek and I always get a kick out of it.  She gets a little shy when she realizes we're listening.  Other times though, she belts it out loud and proud.  We got her one of those cheesey little megaphone/microphones for Christmas, and she's been having fun with that.  Her favorite though is to use one of the ornaments from the tree as her microphone.  Unfortunately, it's one of those long glass tree topper bulbs so we always take it away from her. 

Rowan sang songs the other day when we were making the gingerbread house. She kept singing happy birthday to! Afterward we had a little concert so she could perform her favorite songs :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

rock star

Rowan is still doing the sun glasses thing...this morning she put them on to go to the sitters...and then wore them on her head in the car.  She cracks me up!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

love bugs

Every morning Rowan sneaks into our bed to snuggle...usually around 6am. But as soon as she hears Rigby talking on the monitor she gets super excited and says "Biggy awake...he talkin...I get him!" and she rushes into his room, climbs in his crib, and they play and cuddle.  It's really cute and just warms my heart. 

I remember when Rowan was little and Derek and I would race to her door to get her out of bed whenever she was waking up from a nap.  It's like we would fight over who could get to get her 1st.  Now Rowan is the one running to Rigby's room to get him because she loves him so much. 

watch out jackie o'

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread anyone?

Rowan and I decorated a gingerbread house today.  She was sooooo excited and couldn't wait for Rigby to go down for his morning nap so we could break open the "kit".  We don't have the time or energy to bake our own gingerbread these days, so the Walmart kit really worked wonders for us gals.

Rowan ate a lot of candy as you might imagine, but in the spirit of Christmas this mommy could not say no :)  We ate and iced and stuck candies until we ran out...lots of fun of course.  Rowan's favorite part was licking Santa I think, but eating gumballs was a close second.  I guess this gingerbread memory will be staying with her for quite awhile...gum digests slow right?  Ha! 

Getting ready for Christmas

Cole helping to warm up the tree skirt

Decorating the mantle...yes, we have camo stockings

Making sure all the lights "taste" just right

Holiday baking...mmmmmm

Trying out our snow suit

Standing in awe of the biggest snow angel known to man

And finally, showing love to Santa

Just cheeky

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Missing child!

I was running around the house this morning in a frenzy trying to find my missing child!  I could hear him but I could not see him...who would think to check the shower?  I ran in and out of the bathroom a few times and could not figure out where he was.  What a sneaky little guy...I saw him "eyeing" the shower this morning.  He loves water so I shouldn't have been surprised to find him slipping all over in there, happy as can be of course!

Look at his wet little legs!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making good use of a Home Depot box!

Mickey Mouse Parade

We took the kids to see Mickey Mouse in Chicago a few weeks's a Disney Parade downtown the night of the big Christmas tree lighting.  We went with our friends Joe & Kelsey Starke and their two daughters Kylie and Lyla.  I dreaded the idea of going at first with the crowds and cold and all that, but it was so much fun!  I think sometimes I get selfish with my time at home on the weekends since I work all week long and then end up missing out on fun little getaways like this one.  It was so much fun and really so worth it to see Rowan's face light up when she saw all the big balloons and the characters in the parade.  It was so could tell she thought Mickey was waving at her....awwww :) 

Rowan also had a great time with Kylie who is 3.  The girls played dolls and jumped on the bed and even ended up sleeping together in the same bed.  It was just darling to watch them together.  They were each lying in the bed together, holding their baby dolls and blankies, giggling and playing. 

Waiting on Mickey...Rowan is being a goof as usual!

We borrowed a friend's double jogging stroller so the kids got to snuggle in side by side :)

Rowan blowing kisses to Mickey

And waving with eyes full of glee...just look at her sweet!

She had to sit on Daddy's shoulders to see over the crowd
Rigby stuffing his face...all layered in warm clothes and looking LARGE