Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleepover at Mimi & Papa's

Rowan stayed overnight at Grandma Mimi & Papa's recently. Papa doesn't get to see her much so it worked out that they took her while Derek and I were at a friend's wedding. I had a hard time letting her go (just because I'd miss her) but from what I heard, Rowan did NOT miss us at all :) Mom said Rowan was so excited when she got to their house that she just ran around from room to room talking and laughing. How sweet :) She was also too excited to take her afternoon nap so she slept like a log. Here's a pic Mom sent me of Rowan in the looks like she slept REALLY well - haha :)

Food with a fork

We've been teaching Rowan how to use her baby silverware the last few weeks. Before that, we'd just give her a spoon but she wasn't too interested. She's reached the point now where she's ready to "go it alone"...but she's still a little scary with the fork. Spoons - no problem. But the fork? I'd keep my distance! Derek took this little video on his cell phone so it's not great quality but it's still worth posting...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anyone remember flash dance?

I think I've mentioned before that Rowan loves to dance right? Well, lately she's really been working her magic. Even in the car she'll bob her head to the music and pretend like she's snapping her sweet. Her "moves" are usually pretty consistent but over the last month or so she's come up with a new one where she bends her knees and goes real low and stomps's hilarious. Sometimes she does it for so long that I can't believe she can stand at the end from using her legs so much. Her babysitter (Jill) told me that she thinks she learned it from her little friend named Ben at daycare.

Here's a clip of Rowan busting out a few of her latest moves. She nearly misses her chance since it's a short tune...but as you'll see, she gives it all she's got for the few seconds the music plays. It sort of reminds me of the "She's a maniac" scene from Flash Dance...remember when Jennifer Beals is moving her feet really fast?