Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby talk

Rowan has been talking a lot more and I wanted to make sure to keep track of all the funny and cute things she's saying. A few of her favorite words at the moment are...

baby (a big favorite of hers at the moment)
uh oh
owwww (when she hurts herself)
Cole (she probably says the cats name the most)
poopoo (whenever she has to "go" or lets a little fart -- haha)
me (whenever she looks in the mirror or sometimes when she wants something)
baba (bottle)

She's also thrown a few mini phrases together like "brush teeth" and "ready to go". She's been doing some sign language when she wants certain please, drink, milk, baby, ball, all done, etc. It's cute that she does her little signs, but honestly, I would rather have say those words! We weren't even trying to teach her sign language, well except for the word please. But one of her favorite little baby videos has sign language in it and then all of the sudden one day I noticed her doing all the signs while she watched it. Obviously she caught on, which is cute. But I would still rather have her SAY the words. Oh well. I guess in her own time :)

More from Christmas....

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I wanted to make sure that I uploaded a few pictures of Rowan opening presents on Christmas morning. Christmas was fun this year now that Rowan understands a little more about presents. She actually unwrapped most of her own this year - which was so cute.

Since money is tight, we decided to only buy one gift this year for Christmas, and we decided it would be a kitchen set for Rowan. She's always pulling all of the dishes and tupperware out of our cabinets and wants to be held while I'm cooking so she can see whats going on on the stove. She's so's sweet. She's always says "hot" "hot" because she knows she can't touch whatever is on the stovetop.

So anyway, Derek bargain shopped online and found this particle board type kitchen set that we ended up putting together on Christmas Eve. Derek decided he wanted to get a head start so we started while Rowan was still awake...we figured she wouldn't really understand what was going on anyway. So much for that idea! She's a smart little cookie and was all over that thing. In fact, she was up until 10:30 at night and refused to go to sleep. She usually goes to bed around 7-7:30ish... We, on the other hand, were exhausted because it was so much work trying to keep her off of it while Derek was putting it together. Iyyi yiii that little stinker! What a night that was...

unwrapping her kitchen...

testing out the play food

unwrapping the stroller Grandma Gora got her


Little "martha stewart" in training...she's a little sloppy but seems to know exactly what she wants to do. And I realize Rowee falls in this video -- but you have to know Rowan. She ALWAYS falls so we're used to it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Opening presents at Grandma Gora's

Opening presents at Grandma Mimi's

Break time for a cookie!

Rowan with her Mimi

Rowan with her Grandma Gora

What a sweet face...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Red cheeks and snow

Derek took Rowan out to play in the snow last week and she absolutely loved it. I followed them around for a few minutes to take some pics and video but quickly retreated to the warm house. Rowan of course had no problem following her Daddy around in the freezing cold though. She wobbled about in her snow pants and chattered baby talk the entire time. After a little while I wanted Derek to bring her in because her little hands were getting cold and wet since the gloves weren't water proof (knit). But she threw a fit and got to go back out for 10 more minutes and watch Daddy shovel the driveway. No harm done...except some red rosey cheeks and a snotty nose. She did manage to take a super long nap afterwards though...which was great! Here are some pics and a video...

getting ready to play outside in cousin Lorelei's old snow cute

i love being cold

derek's gigantic snow angel

laughing and trying to mimic daddy

video of rowan's 1st snow adventure