Saturday, November 22, 2014

chalkboard paint pantry doors

I've been working on lots of little projects over the last few months, more like the last year to be quite honest. I haven't been doing the best job of documenting them either. Time is precious and our days are FULL around here. Plus, I have dreams of a fancy camera. You know, something expensive and heavy that will capture my little creations in all their beauty. But let's be honest here...that may never happen. So, this morning I got out my cell phone and started snapping some photos to clear my mind a little. Here we go!


This little project happened on a whim one morning. I couldn't find the grocery list I had started and was racking my brain staring into the pantry. I decided it would be nice to have a spot near our pantry for notes and lists...for myself and my hubby. But it had to be something I couldn't lose...and notebooks and papers get strung all over this place by my kids. So I got out the ol' chalkboard paint and let Rigby have at it! And I'm so loving this. It's the little things in life :) And I find myself standing in front of my pantry regularly, just staring at thinking of everything I'm missing. Now my space out sessions are productive!

We're using one side for our grocery list and one for our menu...and the rest gives the kids a spot to doodle. So fun! I just snap a picture on my phone of the list before I head to the store. 

{Easy peasey}

It's actually working out pretty well. Except for the time or two that I forgot to take a pic before I left. But I just called home and asked someone else to text it to me. more lost lists around here! 

I will say that the chalkboard markers have proved to be a challenge. They're hard to erase completely on chalkboard "painted" surfaces. I've found that using an antibacterial wipe and a little elbow grease gets the job done. It's no bother really...especially since I'm only doing it once a week.

before...a blank canvas :)
my little picaso
our weekly menu board
grocery list

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

R.I.P. Cole

We're having one of those days today. The kind that just makes you want to crawl back in bed and never get out. I'm not sure if there's one thing that has gone as planned on this random Tuesday in November. There was a meeting I didn't get to, tears over being late for school, tears for our sick kitty, a play date for an excited four year old that we also couldn't get know, because of the car that wouldn't start, not to mention the husband that drove to Chicago for a doctor appt in a car without heat (and blowing freezing cold air that wouldn't turn off, I might add) all on this fabulous 10° morning. No thank you "random Tuesday in November". This wasn't in our plans for today.

Another heavy part of this day is that in about an hour we're going to be putting our cat down. Precious Cole. The cat who makes us a family of 6 according to the kids, not 5. The cat who was proud and snobby and not much for company, but came alive when we had kids. He's been pulled on and chased and picked up and stuffed in baby strollers and forts and boxes and on certain days has even allowed necklaces to be placed around his neck. He's the cat who follows the kids around outside like a babysitter, who sits on the swingset when they swing and comes to the house with them when they're done. The cat who used to go on walks with us. Who would race to catch up with us if we left without him. He's THAT cat. And he's dying today...on this random, messy Tuesday in November. We're sure going to miss him. Like CRAZY miss him.

The goodbye photos we took this morning
Fighting for smiles.
I told them to think about their favorite times with Cole
So this morning I had to get down on my muddy floor [from the boots my six year old was stomping around and crying in] and act like the mud wasn't there. I plopped down beside her, wiped her tears away and brushed those sweet little locks behind the smallest, cutest ears ever made by God. I told her we make our own plans for each day, but sometimes things just don't go the way we would like. But no matter what, this is still the day God's given us, let's look for the good in it. I sort of feel like we're going to have to pry our eyes open with crow bars today to find it, but I know it's there. HERE. In this messy, sad day.

Here's to searching for joy on a day when there just doesn't seem like there's joy to be had. R.I.P. Cole. 
You've been a fabulous cat and the source of much JOY.

so handsome. so much attitude in those kitty eyes of his.
But so much LOVE too.
This is when Rowan was just born.
Cole...always the babysitter.
He put up with anything.
Rowan broke him down slow. 
He learned to love the attention.
On Halloween one year we dressed him up as a witch
...against Derek's wishes of course!
He's begging for attention here.
Someone, anyone...
just bother me. 
Bin Cat
Ni-Night Cat
Tent Cat
Movie Cat
Little People Cat
Basket Cat
Tree Cat
Princess Cat
Beautiful Snobby Cat
Hunted Cat
Sack of Potatoes Cat