Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kids and food...or should I say "A pig and a princess"

For those of you that don't know, Rigby has started nodding his head whenever he gets excited.  It's usually whenever he's being fed something that he particularly likes or when he's trying to get his Daddy's attention. It's pretty funny and totally worth documenting on the blog.  Sometimes when we're feeding him he'll break into a nod and end up with food on his forehead or in his hair!  Rigby loves to eat and will eat almost anything.  He loves bananas, spaghetti, chicken, meat loaf, any kind of potatoes...I really can't think of anything he complains about.  Oh wait...he doesn't like pureed green beans from a jar (baby food)...but will eat the big kid kind.  He freaks over regular food!  It's like he goes nuts!  If he can grab it and shove it in his mouth he's happy :)

And I can't leave Rowie out...she's not much to video when she's eating since she barely eats as it is.  Our little Rowan doesn't like much as far as food goes.  Her diet consists of cereal, mac & cheese, pb&j, corn, and chocolate milk...oh and of course pizza.  She won't go near vegetables, potoatoes, or really any kind of meat,  except for the occasional bite or two of chicken.  We had her sit at the dinner table the other night for about an hour or so just trying to get her to choke down one green bean.  It was a disaster...and of course SHE won.  You can't force feed a child...that's just wrong.  We just keep trying to reward her for eating things that aren't on her list.  Small victories...I just keep telling myself that. 

But as always, fruit is on the top of her list of edibles.