Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My mom got Row a jump-a-roo for Christmas and I misplaced the special toy that attaches to the front of it. Well, it hasn't been too fun for her without that toy...she just sort of spins and looks at the floor! But today I FOUND it!! Mimi is going to be so happy to see her grandbaby finally having fun with her Xmas gift.

See mom, I told you I didn't throw it away!! Now you can quit rummaging thru my closets when you come over -- hahahahaaaaa :)

6 months old

Little Row is sick today, and I decided to stay home from work to baby her. Actually I didn't have much of choice today anyway since Derek is off at appointments -- and it's not fair to send her over to Michelle's to spread the germs. But of course I don't mind...any extra days I get to spend with her instead of at work are a bonus.

Right now she's lying in her crib complaining...and it's not because she's sick! We had her 6 month check up at the doctor today and he said it's time for her to learn to fall asleep on her own. So we're trying something new for her afternoon nap today...going down for a nap without the loving rock to sleep. I thought it was going to be a breeze at first because she was content to admire her mobile and play a little...but now she's crying. Poor baby! Five minutes ...that's all I'm going to wait :(

She was a big girl today though and took her immunizations like a champ. She weighs 18lbs-15oz and is 26 1/4"long. She's still in the 95% percentile for weight and 75% for everything else...big girl! The doctor also said it's time to start brushing her little teeth (with water) and introducing a sippy cup. Sounds fun!!

I finally got batteries for my camera and downloaded some pics from last month. Here's one of Row and her Aunt Katie...she's wearing the outfit Katie and Peggy gave us as a shower gift. It's funny though because she looks like she's Katie's baby here with those blue eyes...not mine!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Play Time

On Wednesdays Rowan goes to my best friend Michelle's house while I'm at work. And it's so great because she absolutely LOVES playing with Michelle's 4 kids. She's usually wiped out by the time she gets home from all the fun! Michelle's kids are ages 5,4,2.5 and 8 months old so you can imagine all the goings on for Rowan that day...lot's of entertainment that's for sure :)

This Wednesday when we got home Rowan was soooooo tired but just wasn't ready to throw in the she is zonked out with toy in hand!

Sorry about the poor photo quality, but Derek snapped this shot with his phone. It seems we've been taking a lot of phone pics lately. We need to get some batteries for our regular camera here soon. Every time Rowan does something cute (which seems rather often-hahaha) we have to scramble to find a camera that works. Ah!

Friday, March 6, 2009

On a walk with Papa

Grandpa was over today and took Rowan for a walk in her stroller. And she even got to sport her fancy sunglasses since the sun was actually shining!

What a cool cat...

for Mimi

I don't have anything special to write at the moment. But Rowan's Aunt Linda took a really cute pic of her the other day so I needed to post it ASAP for Mimi to see...

(someone checks this blog on an hourly basis waiting for new material) hahaha

baby likes it dark

The other morning Rowan woke up from her nap wearing her headband as a blindfold...How was I supposed to know that she needs it REALLY dark while she sleeps?

Um, I think mommy better starting taking off those pretty headbands before baby girl takes a nap!!