Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biker Baby

Rowan was over playing at Michelle's recently and Michelle clued me in on the fact that Rowan loves to play with toys she can sit on or ride in. So I talked to Derek and we decided we would buy her something this summer from a garage sale. Derek was so impressed that I was actually considering buying something from a garage sale --- how funny. I got the same reaction from him last summer when I stopped by one and bought a dresser for our bedroom. He must think I have designer taste or something...geesh. I seriously think I scared him though when I picked out Room & Board furniture for our living room.

Anyway, I decided that I couldn't wait for the garage sale and had to swing by Target and get the first pink ride-able toy I could find. So here it is...Rowee's first bike (we call it a bike - how funny).

She's SOOOOOO excited! Awwwww our little biker baby :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandma Gora's Photo Session

Rowee's Grandma Gora babysits her every Thursday -- and she's been such a big help. I usually find my laundry done, floors swept and kitchen all clean by the time I get home! I think she probably ends up picking up after us more than Rowan (not kidding)!!

I always make sure Rowan is wearing something really cute or somewhat entertaining so Grandma has something to laugh about all day. Last month Rowee wore a floppy striped sunhat that got Grandma snapping pictures. Anyway, I had to inlcude this in the blog because as usual Rowan is striking her signature "sexy pose" (as Derek would call it)...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sox girl

We've been busy and haven't kept up on our baby blog!!! I'm back though...and I'm on it.

Last month I was inspired by Derek's new baseball league and had to dress Rowee up in her official White Sox uniform. Since Derek has his own big boy Sox outfit, I thought it was only fitting for Rowee to wear hers. They made quite the pair :)

Look at those baby legs -- iiiiiiiyiiiiiyiiii

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crib Eater

Since Rowan's top teeth came in she's been chewing like crazy. I found her on Saturday morning after her nap with remnants of her crib all over her face. She started biting the top rail and the actual wood finish came off all over her face! I almost had a heart attack!!!

I've been so disappointed with our crib purchase -- that darn JCPenneys. When we first bought the crib we had to return it because some of the wood was splitting...then the new crib had missing pieces...then the wood on the matching changing table top split...and now the paint is coming off all over Rowan's face!!! After fighting it out with Penny's they gave me a refund on both pieces! Thank the Lord!! So now we don't have to worry about Rowan choking on her crib and all the wood issues and all that. We ordered a new one
from Pottery Barn that will be arriving in about 4 weeks.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny visited Rowan this year and brought her a cute pair of baby jeans :) She's very lucky -- I wish the Easter Bunny would bring me a pair. Her loving Grandmas also gave her gifts so little Rowan made out quite well this year. Grandma Gora gave her some yummy crunchy snacks that she's been enjoying and her Mimi brought over a singing bunny. How fun! I'll post some pics later.

Here's the big FIRST Easter dress -- how adorable.

And a shot of her with pretty Aunt Jenny -- awwww

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here comes Row-ee

Rowan learned to "army" crawl this week -- and it's the cutest thing ever! I can't believe how fast she's growing up. This week was a big week for her as she ate her 1st mum mum cookie, crawled, and started standing up and playing while balancing herself on whatever she can grab hold of. She's cute -- but she's also dangerous now. Watch out!

While I'm excited to see her moving about, I must admit I'm a little worried about baby proofing our house. I think we're in trouble because keeping the floor picked up is not one of our strong points. In fact, I don't think Rowan is ever going to be allowed in our bedroom again! It's THAT bad.

Here's a video of our little army crawler...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crashing hotels from here to Hilton Head

We went on our 1st vacaction as a family this passed weekend, and I can honestly say that Derek and I have never been SO happy to get home! We drove down to South Carolina (14 hours one way) for a friend's wedding and ended up taking Rowan to the local Hilton Head ER because she had a fever that would not break. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection and had a temp between 101-102 for 5 days. The poor baby girl was just uncomfortable and icky the entire trip. And besides all that, she was stuck in a car seat for much of it for days on end!!

It was a rough trip sick wise, but Derek and I still really enjoyed the getaway aspect of it all. I'm so glad that we're both laid back and can go with the flow when things don't go as planned...

We decided to stay a bit longer on Sunday to catch some rays and suited Rowan up in her cute Target bathing suit that I purchased for our trip. I'm glad she got to wear it poolside even if only for an afternoon. What a chunk!

Well anyway, she really was a good girl despite all the sickness...she tried to play and move around as much as her little sick body would let her. Except for at night-night time -- that's when she was in the worst shape and was crying, yelling, and coughing nonstop. I feel bad for whoever was blessed to share the adjoining hotel room wall with us...