Sunday, February 24, 2013


Our kids are in total LOVE with their babysitters Stepheny and Adrienne...and so am I to be honest :)  I think you'll get a glimpse of why below... The girls come and actually play with the kids, and they really get creative finding fun and entertaining things to keep them busy.  That's such a blessing.  We've had some sitters in the past that would just plop themselves down on the sofa and watch tv the entire day, ignoring the kids for the most part (which is a big no-no if you ask me). 
But thankfully, the Lord provided by introducing us to the Weaver girls.  They are girls that love the Lord and are just an overall good influence on our kids. That's such a relief for me when I have to leave for work on Mondays (because you all know I would rather be home!)...just knowing that they are in good hands.
Here's a window in to what goes on around here while we're gone...I'm so thankful for all the good old fashioned FUN they all have :)  

jumping beans

it wasn't too long ago that rigby was afraid to jump off the couch.  but things are a little different now it seems!  a few days ago i was sitting in the recliner reading my bible and i happened to glance up and see rig standing on his dresser.  i knew something fishy was going on and a second later i looked back and he was gone. 

i made my way into his room and found his mattress on the floor...they were climbing up the dresser drawers and jumping onto the mattress!  it might not sound like a big deal, but considering rigby is still only 2, the dresser is taller than he is, and that up until this point he's been scared to jump off the came as a little bit of a shock. 

i guess he's turned a corner and is now a kam-i-kazi like his sister.  awesome.

Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day

since i'm a blogging master tonight, i've decided to get my valentine's post done while we're still in the month of february. it's amazing what i can get done when i get home and everyone is sleeping.  this is awesome :)
the kiddos had a really good valentine's day.  actually, valentine's week.  they've eaten more candy than this momma would like to admit.  their ever so sweet and thoughtful aunt jenny (and uncle nick) sent them valentine's all the way from houston.  the kid's LOVE getting mail from aunt jenny. 
it's one of those special things in life if you ask me...
getting a big box in the mail is special even for us big kids, don't you think?
we also made some super cute gifts for some of the widows in our church and delivered them on valentine's day (with the help of my friend liz)!  we made our own heart bookmarks out of cut up paint chips from lowe's, a 3d heart piece of art, homemade cards, and decorated gift bags for each of the widows.  it was a lot of fun and a lot of work! 
but it was so worth it. 
we wanted the little old ladies in church to get some special love on valentine's day. 
one of the ladies even invited us in for a bit to chat when we dropped her gift off.  i sat and visited and the kids entertained us by doing circles in her spinning chair.  i was a little nervous they'd break something, but she was so relaxed and just genuinely enjoying our company...she didn't seem to mind the chaos at all.  it was a blessing to me to even just be in her presence...she was such a gentle soul.  and i know rigby really enjoyed himself because he got so comfortable on our visit that he took off his coat, his shoes and his socks! i think she thought he was a hoot :)   
i took the kids to a senior breakfast a few days before and this same widow was actually sitting next to us at the table.  she was so sweet and so comfortable talking with the kids and they really took to her.  it was funny to watch rigby and rowan sit at a table with 5 old ladies and answer all their questions and tell them things at the breakfast that day. like rowan wanted to be sure to tell them she had a cat and his name was cole.
i'm so glad that i stepped out of my comfort zone and did that too.  i think sometimes i get too comfortable in my own little world and forget that there are people out there who could use a little company and extra attention.  just like the bible says in the book of James..."true religion is look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from becoming polluted by the world."
true religion is LIVING what we believe.
my prayer for my family this year is that we would do just that.  i read a quote in a book recently that really stuck with me...
"who we are, is how we live our lives" (similar to annie dillard's quote i guess). 
it seems simple enough though, right? 
but think about it. 
who we REALLY are, is how we actually live each day...not who we might say or think we are. 
that's sort of sobering, at least for me.

opening their presents from aunt jennie
rig dug in to his chocolate immediately!
he can't eat his candy fast enough.
but rowan takes her time. she likes to lay out all of her
candy in rows and gaze at it.
here are our bookmarks!
our heart art :)
en route.
these are the bags the kids helped decorate


a little needy

we caught him on the table...actually lying down so we had to snap a photo. 
cole NEVER gets on the table...he knows it's a no no.
i think he must have been dying for some attention or something.
well he finally got some.  here the kids are putting him down for a nap.
and as usual, he's just "taking" it.
he managed to get his lip stuck on his tooth at one point.
he looks mad, but don't be fooled.  he's eating this up.
and again, someone needs attention. of course the only place
he can find to sit is halfway inside the kids toy bin while
they're playing with the toys.
no worries though.  he became the center of attention
soon enough.  the kids made him a fort.
anyone else beginning to see a trend? 
we have a NEEDY cat. 


we took the kids to get haircuts recently.  it was rowan's first time ever getting a big girl haircut...which was waaaaay overdue.  and it was technically rigby's second haircut, but his first time sitting alone in the chair (daddy had taken him one time before but he would only sit on daddy's lap). 
we went downtown valpo to this little place just for kids...they have a little play area with a slide, the kids get to pick out and watch their own movie while sitting in a car with a gas pedal that works, wheels that move and all sort of buttons and gadgets while eating suckers, they get a juice box and popcorn...all for $16 bucks.  it was TOTALLY worth it.  the kids loved it and willingly sat there for the hair cut.  the lady even let rig switch cars in the middle of his haircut so he could sit in the fire truck AND the police car.  what a great place. and so fun!
rig being a big boy
it took a LOT of suckers to keep him happy.
rowan was such a little lady for her appt.  i was so surprised how grown up she
acted.  it's crazy to see how much they change behavior wise
when they turn 4!
this picture will only mean something to you if
you were familiar with rowan's stringy mess of hair prior to the haircut.
row got a small pink stripe in her hair that lasted
a few days.  soooooo stylish :)

tea anyone?

grandma gora drinks a lot of tea...she's english so it's only natural :) my kids LOVE drinking tea too.  maybe it's in their blood or maybe they're just goofballs. 
either way, i think it's adorable.

we haven't had much snow this year.  i think the kids have only been out to play in the snow 3 times!  luckily i didn't spend any money on snow pants this year...well, i did buy some for rig from the re-sale shop.  but poor rowan...she's squeezing into her 3T snowsuit (which is way too small) and wearing boy snow boots (rig has an abudance of borrowed goods from the goetz clan).  every time rowan puts them on she asks "mom, do I look funny?" In her mind it's some sort of fashion disaster that she's wearing navy colored BOY everyone can tell or something. 
ohhhh this girl.  she cracks me up :) 
rig on the other hand could care less.  he'll wear mismatched gloves, his underwear backwards, two different socks, a princess dress and his hat backwards all at once without batting an eye.
boys are SO much simpler.
this was her first time out this year...both kids thought they
were showing me something REALLY special by bringing me a clump of snow.
here's rig's clump. you'll notice i said they're "bringing" me.
i would only open the door to take pictures this day...ha.
papa dan was over...need i say more?
here papa dan is saving rowan from a slide catastrophe
sledding down the burm!
the snow only lasted for a few hours and was gone by afternoon
papa dan was there to make sure they each
got a good push!
this was their 2nd time out in the snow...
a little more this time.
making angels!
cole's never too far behind when the
kids head outside. he's always keeping an eye on them!
well, we did our best to make a snowman w/out "packing" snow.
we got creative and brought out some grapes for buttons
i think momma got a little carried
away bundling them up!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas time!

Christmas was so long ago I can barely remember ANY of it.  Someone remind me of this next year so I get my blog entry written a little sooner! 

Some of the highlights for the kids this year would probably be dinasours and a doll house.  Derek and I did the usual stocking stuffers for eachother (last minute of course, but is there really any other way?).  My favorite stocking gift would have to be the practice golf balls I got...I can't wait to swing my little heart away this spring out in the yard!  And for Derek, I'm sure he'd say it was the stemless wine glasses.

The kids helped me decorate the tree this year...which was so much fun.  Plus, I actually NEEDED their help because I was fresh out of knee surgery and moving a little slow.  Derek played a part and actually hung some of the lights on the tree...but he thought the job was done after a few strings.  So this crippled Momma had to finish it.  Men just don't get it...Christmas trees are supposed to EXPLODE light. I guess I should say all men except my Dad...he's one of the few that "gets" it :)  He usually helps us decorate the tree, but I don't remember what he was up to the day we did it this year.  He did manage to surprise us by buying lights and decorating our bushes in front of the house!  That was a first for us...Derek swears he'll never do it! 

We were on a strict Christmas budget this year...not a lot of gift buying and giving. Derek got laid off two weeks before Christmas, and I was off work for a few weeks due to my surgery. We were a little worried...but as usual, our Lord provided :) We had friends from church surprise us with extra gifts for the kids (so amazing) and then my work gave us all a Christmas bonus at the last minute...a bonus we were told we would not be getting this year. Does anyone remember the verse in Proverbs that says THE HEART OF A KING IS IN HIS HAND? What a blessing it is to remember that God is sovereign and that he is always (always) working things for our good. Thank you Lord.

we stopped by a local nursing home that had santa there...
the kids were not fans. 
there were reindeer though...that made it worthwhile :)
we made christmas cookies! 
getting the christmas decorations ready
our mantle.
i made wreaths this fun!
we hung all our cards...also fun!
derek read the bible on christmas morning
the kids played out the scene with their little people manger...
complete with jesus, wise men, a camel, a donkey, mary, joseph and an angel
dinasours RULE
we asked rowan what her favorite christmas present was this year...
yep...she it was her tinkerbell toothbrush. ha!
rig was so excited about his train that he
immediately held it high!
cole...still living the dream
see that pink streamer?
remember when i said the kids helped decorate?
rowan's touch.
the kids played with their stockings for a long time before they
even realized there were other presents...
one of my favorite parts of christmas this year.
christmas at the gora's
(rowan was handing out presents)