Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleepover at Mimi & Papa's

Rowan stayed overnight at Grandma Mimi & Papa's recently. Papa doesn't get to see her much so it worked out that they took her while Derek and I were at a friend's wedding. I had a hard time letting her go (just because I'd miss her) but from what I heard, Rowan did NOT miss us at all :) Mom said Rowan was so excited when she got to their house that she just ran around from room to room talking and laughing. How sweet :) She was also too excited to take her afternoon nap so she slept like a log. Here's a pic Mom sent me of Rowan in the looks like she slept REALLY well - haha :)

Food with a fork

We've been teaching Rowan how to use her baby silverware the last few weeks. Before that, we'd just give her a spoon but she wasn't too interested. She's reached the point now where she's ready to "go it alone"...but she's still a little scary with the fork. Spoons - no problem. But the fork? I'd keep my distance! Derek took this little video on his cell phone so it's not great quality but it's still worth posting...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anyone remember flash dance?

I think I've mentioned before that Rowan loves to dance right? Well, lately she's really been working her magic. Even in the car she'll bob her head to the music and pretend like she's snapping her sweet. Her "moves" are usually pretty consistent but over the last month or so she's come up with a new one where she bends her knees and goes real low and stomps's hilarious. Sometimes she does it for so long that I can't believe she can stand at the end from using her legs so much. Her babysitter (Jill) told me that she thinks she learned it from her little friend named Ben at daycare.

Here's a clip of Rowan busting out a few of her latest moves. She nearly misses her chance since it's a short tune...but as you'll see, she gives it all she's got for the few seconds the music plays. It sort of reminds me of the "She's a maniac" scene from Flash Dance...remember when Jennifer Beals is moving her feet really fast?

Monday, November 23, 2009

A diaper box and a belt

Derek and I went out on date a few weekends ago and left Rowan home with her Papa. This was at the end of Rowan's bout with the flu, so anything to get Derek and I out of the sick house was a bonus. We ended up going to El was delicious of course. Derek couldn't get over the fact that we were sitting in the "bar" or at least the area that used to be the bar when the restaurant was Bin Willy's. WOW. It was like a field trip...haha.

When we got home, we discovered that Papa had invented a new toy for Rowan! He tied his belt to an empty diaper box and made a little train ride for Rowee. He said she clapped and laughed while he tugged and sang "Oh Suzanna" and pulled her all over the house. It turns out that the box was a HUGE hit with Rowan and since has been retired to the trash can! We could only take so much!

Here's a clip of the next day with Daddy taking her on a much faster ride than Grandpa...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rowan the Rooster

For Halloween we decided to dress Rowan up as a Rooster -- so cute!  I know it's not the typical princess or fairy tale sort of costume, but I liked that it was a little different and seemed fitting for our Rowan :)  None of us were really up for Halloween this year anyway since the mean old flu was at our house.  Usually Derek gets all dressed up and hands out candy, but this year he barely could get off the couch!  Poor guy.  He was so sick! ug.

Well anyway, Halloween came and went for us.  We even shut our porch light out during the middle of trick or treaters and called it a night! Rowan did manage to get dressed up and made it to our 3 neighbor's houses for a visit though.  She loved eating her Smarties and helping Papa answer the door and hand out candy.  I think the latter was her favorite part :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rowan's 1st Playdate

Rowan had her friend Ainsley over a week ago for her very 1st playdate.  The girls had fun trading shoes, playing cell phones (the ENTIRE time), dancing, and climbing on the furniture.  They wore each other out and were both ready for a nap at the same time. 

It was cute to see them interacting and following each other around! Ainsley was a little scared at first when she came over, but I think it's because she's used to having her 3 siblings around her all the time.  She warmed up after a bit and made her way to the toy corner though!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rowan Mae and The Great Pumpkin

We took Rowan pumpkin picking on Saturday. It was lots of fun! Rowan really loved riding in the wagon and even picked out her very own pumpkin with Daddy. It was so so precious. And Grandpa Allen came along too and had fun showing Rowee all the fun things at the Pumpkin Patch. Here are a few (well, quite a few) shots from our day...

hey this is kind of fun...

on a wagon ride with Grandpa

that one daddy, that one!

I got it! This sucker is mine...all mine!

I got it!

what the heck is this stuff?

if mommy likes it, it must be fun

look at our pumpkins

be very afraid!

i love pumpkins!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Popcorn Fest

Derek and I took Rowan to her 1st parade last month at the Valpo Popcorn Fest. It was actually pretty hot that day, so we didn't stick around too long afterwards. We did manage to meet up with Katie and Haley downtown and even saw Grandma Gora, Aunt Janel & the kids, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Liz, and Cousin Margaret (oh and of course Margaret's fiance Tam!).

We didn't take any pictures, but Rowan's Aunt Jenny was home for a visit from Houston and she got a few cute shots!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ponytail and a Party

Rowan sported her very first ponytail over the weekend! Very exciting! Especially since we had to wait 12 whole months for her lovely locks of hair.

Mimi and Papa came over Saturday and played with Rowee. They went on a bike-ride, played ball, played gymnastics on the wood rack, and drank lots of yummy orange drink. Rowan was especially fond of Mimi's glass and ice cubes...something new for her I guess.

Later that night we headed over to Aunt Janel's house for a combined birthday party: Cousin Cort's 1st birthday, Cousin Lorelei's 3rd birthday, and buddy Alivia's 3rd it was a PARTY! Lot's of crazy kids, fun princess hats and even a candy bracelet (Rowee's personal favorite).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lil' Gardener

Rowan and Daddy did some gardening one afternoon...well Daddy did most of the gardening and Rowan ripped the tops off the flowers and played in the dirt. Here's a cute clip...

Other noteworthy moments include...
Decapitating flowers...and then gently placing the flower on top of the bunch...a nice gesture I guess. Here she is caught in the act...

getting dirty of course

Daddy trying to feed the baby worms - ew.

Rowan's 1st Birthday!

Well, this is late -- but it's hard to find time these days to blog! We had Rowan's 1st birthday party a few weeks ago and despite a little bit of rain and a packed house -- it was a success!

Rowan had fun opening up presents with mommy and playing with her cousins and friends. She was (as usual) a little shy with all of the commotion and people...but she warmed up eventually and got right down to the business of playing. She wasn't too much of a fan of the singing and everyone staring at her during the cake part...but it was at least amusing for all of us to watch her squirm. My mom said I was exactly like Rowan at her age and put my head down at my 1st party to hide when everyone sang to me. So she gets it honest I guess :)

Here are some pics...

Daddy's girl

Mommy I want to play!

mmmm yummy cupcake

I hate singing...

Look at me look at me!

Ride em' cowgirl

Rowan and Haley sitting in their big girl chairs

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rowan loves shoes

Rowan is growing up so fast...she recently discovered what SHOES mean to us girls. She's been carrying around her little baby shoes and has even been trying to walk around in mine. It's so funny! Last night we helped her put on Mommy's flip flops and she just stood there and bounced with sweet :)

One day last week she tried on one of my slippers (obviously without help) and wore it around all morning on her leg! See pic...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Dancer

Rowan is turning into a little dancing queen. We've had this little radio set up on the floor where she can reach it and she absolutely loves it. She turns it on and off and on again and dances the whole time. She really likes Kenny Chesney too...Check out some of her moves...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun on a Saturday

Rowan and I went over to her Grandma Gora's on Saturday and went swimming! It was a quick dip because Rowan was ready for a nap...but it was all we needed. Earlier that morning we went to Derek's baseball game and sweated it out; it was almost 90° out. Here are some shots of our day...

what a stud!

later at Grandma's...

Rowan's Birthday Party Invitation

Here's Rowan's 1st Birthday invite...we're emailing it to everyone instead of printing and mailing. We're poor! hahaha.

We had hoped to have Rowan's Aunt Linda take a pic of her to use on it - but we both had busy weeks and never got together. So, it's not as fabulous as it could have been...but it works :) This is the best I could do with a squirmy, headstrong 1 month old. And look -- the little monkey almost smiled! She's a tough little cookie when it comes to smiling for the camera. Ahhhh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You decide...

Daddy, Rowan and Mommy as babies. Crazy alike, aren't they?

Baby Snack Paw

Rowan and I went to Portage on Sunday after church to watch Derek's baseball game. I almost had a heart attack when we got there and I realized the ladies in the church nursery accidentally kept Rowan's wipes after her diaper change. Um yeah -- not a good thing to be at a baseball field with a messy poo-er like Rowan! Thankfully we made it thru afternoon without any mishaps though. Whew.

Rowan's been doing really well in the church nursery on Sundays. This week she was playing with Janelle (Goetz) Lautenbach's little baby boy...his name is Luke. He is soooo cute! He has the biggest, most gorgeous blue eyes. I think Rowan might have a crush on him :) I know I do.

She's been doing this new thing where she walks around with her snack cup stuck on her hand. It's funny because she'll walk all over and forget she has this crazy cup on her little paw. She'll pull her hand out to eat when it's necessary but immediately returns her fist to the cup and continues to play. Here are some random pics from our baseball outing...(snack paw included)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pretty girl

I just ordered this pic in an 8x10 and it's now hanging on our living room wall -- it's so cute! It's a photo the photographer took at Jenny's wedding. This is when Rowan was 8 months old...

Derek and Kyle = crazy babies

Last night I took mini videos of Derek and Kyle playing with their baby girls. I think it's pretty certain that Rowan is going to be a wrestler and Haley a dancing queen...

I still can't believe these two nuts are actually daddy's now. It's going to be so much fun watching the girls grow up together. It's funny to think that this is how God had it planned out all along...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mmmmm peas

Rowan loves eating peas! She gets mad at me during dinner time if I don't let her feed herself in some fashion...usually I give her snacks or chunks of food. But a few weeks ago I decided to try a baby spoon and she actually stuck it in her mouth. So now at dinner time she usually demands the opportunity to shovel it in. Here is her 1st "messy" attempt...

Colorado pics

Rowan getting her "laps" in on the train ride...Daddy is balancing her. You need to click on the pic to make it bigger -- it's so worth it to get a closer look at her mischievous grin :)

Daddy and Rowan posing after our day at the Hot Springs

Derek's family tradition...posing with the Vail bear

Colorado Trip

We just got back from our vacation in fabulous Colorado. It's so relaxing and beautiful out there! Now I know why Derek has such fond memories vacationing there as a child. We did a lot of sight seeing and shopping - and we definitely got some use out of our stroller. We took Rowan with us everywhere we went (except for the one afternoon that we went golfing) so it was a lot of work! She's so heavy now so getting her in and out of strollers and car seats was beginning to be a chore by the end of the week :) Plus I think she was getting sick of it. She just wanted to run around...literally!

Rowan also started walking 3 weeks ago, right after she turned 9 months. She started off a little wobbly, but is cruising all over the place now. She practically runs -- it's so cute. She usually has one or both arms straight up in the air too...I'm thinking for balance? Also very cute!

Her walking adventures sure made for a busy vacation. Since she was so mobile, she was into everything. All she wanted to do was open cabinet doors (she was amazed that they actually opened, unlike the baby proofed ones at home) and she also really really wanted to stick her fingers into the box fan. We had to watch her like a hawk!

Here's a video of her favorite place in Colorado - the Denver airport! She LOVED all the open space. She was walking up to strangers and yelling at them. So funny.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

and the answer is...

Well, I'm finally happy to report that tonight is Thursday, 6 nights after the start of hellweek and we can happily report that YES THIS BABY FINALLY SLEEPS!!! We started letting her cry it out on Saturday night and it took 4 bad nights and 1 mediocre night and she's finally falling asleep awake in her crib without a hassle. So far she hasn't made it an entire night w/out waking up and crying...but we'll see what tonight brings. Things are looking good!!

Praise the Lord. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't explain the frustration and helpless feeling I carried around knowing that each night was going to be such a battle with her. I'm so very thankful that we went ahead and had those tubes put in. It's a miracle -- really. We tried this before and we had screaming 14 nights and she never caught on. I'm so relieved! Whoooooo-hooooooooo!!! Victory is so sweet.

I'd run in and take a pic of her sleeping right now to commemorate this milestone...but it's SOOOOOO not worth the chance that she might wake up :)

Instead here's a pic of her playing with her Mimi last week after her surgery...I think she looks like a little old lady with a walker