Sunday, February 24, 2013


Our kids are in total LOVE with their babysitters Stepheny and Adrienne...and so am I to be honest :)  I think you'll get a glimpse of why below... The girls come and actually play with the kids, and they really get creative finding fun and entertaining things to keep them busy.  That's such a blessing.  We've had some sitters in the past that would just plop themselves down on the sofa and watch tv the entire day, ignoring the kids for the most part (which is a big no-no if you ask me). 
But thankfully, the Lord provided by introducing us to the Weaver girls.  They are girls that love the Lord and are just an overall good influence on our kids. That's such a relief for me when I have to leave for work on Mondays (because you all know I would rather be home!)...just knowing that they are in good hands.
Here's a window in to what goes on around here while we're gone...I'm so thankful for all the good old fashioned FUN they all have :)  

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  1. Too funny... haha.. we are crazy!!! :)
    Hey... I remember our babysitters playing with us.. whats the fun of a babysitter if you don't get down and actually PLAY. :) I know personally that the most important thing you want when you have a babysitter come over is that you want them to play with you!! :))
    Thanks for the kind words. :) We love Rowie and Rig. :)