Monday, February 18, 2013

we haven't had much snow this year.  i think the kids have only been out to play in the snow 3 times!  luckily i didn't spend any money on snow pants this year...well, i did buy some for rig from the re-sale shop.  but poor rowan...she's squeezing into her 3T snowsuit (which is way too small) and wearing boy snow boots (rig has an abudance of borrowed goods from the goetz clan).  every time rowan puts them on she asks "mom, do I look funny?" In her mind it's some sort of fashion disaster that she's wearing navy colored BOY everyone can tell or something. 
ohhhh this girl.  she cracks me up :) 
rig on the other hand could care less.  he'll wear mismatched gloves, his underwear backwards, two different socks, a princess dress and his hat backwards all at once without batting an eye.
boys are SO much simpler.
this was her first time out this year...both kids thought they
were showing me something REALLY special by bringing me a clump of snow.
here's rig's clump. you'll notice i said they're "bringing" me.
i would only open the door to take pictures this day...ha.
papa dan was over...need i say more?
here papa dan is saving rowan from a slide catastrophe
sledding down the burm!
the snow only lasted for a few hours and was gone by afternoon
papa dan was there to make sure they each
got a good push!
this was their 2nd time out in the snow...
a little more this time.
making angels!
cole's never too far behind when the
kids head outside. he's always keeping an eye on them!
well, we did our best to make a snowman w/out "packing" snow.
we got creative and brought out some grapes for buttons
i think momma got a little carried
away bundling them up!

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