Monday, February 18, 2013

a little needy

we caught him on the table...actually lying down so we had to snap a photo. 
cole NEVER gets on the table...he knows it's a no no.
i think he must have been dying for some attention or something.
well he finally got some.  here the kids are putting him down for a nap.
and as usual, he's just "taking" it.
he managed to get his lip stuck on his tooth at one point.
he looks mad, but don't be fooled.  he's eating this up.
and again, someone needs attention. of course the only place
he can find to sit is halfway inside the kids toy bin while
they're playing with the toys.
no worries though.  he became the center of attention
soon enough.  the kids made him a fort.
anyone else beginning to see a trend? 
we have a NEEDY cat. 

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