Monday, March 4, 2013

she said...he said

the kids have been saying a lot of funny things over the last few months...and I want to make sure we remember them!  so I'm dedicating a blog post to some of their more memorable ones.  rowan has quite a few more than rigby at the moment...but we'll add more as we think of them.  she has been talking for a lot longer than him so i guess it makes sense :)

she said:
* " that God?"
one day we were sitting in the living room listening to one of our pastor's sermons for a service we missed.  rowan was sitting on the couch next to us, just playing.  all of the sudden she said, " that God?"  (meaning our pastor's voice).  we started dying laughing.  she knew he was talking about the in her mind the billowing voice must have been God's.  priceless.

* "mom...does she know EVERYTHING?"
last week we were driving out to Sand Creek Country Club to meet some friends for dinner.  somehow derek got turned around trying to get to the clubhouse (yep...sand creek) so i typed the address in to my phone and we started following the navigation voice.  suddenly from the backseat we hear..."mom...does she know EVERYTHING?" again, we were cracking up.  she really emphasized the word everything in her mind she could ask the voice anything and it would answer. ha! 

 * "mom...why don't i have these?"
one morning i was sitting in the recliner doing my devotions and rowan was all over me (typical of any time i try to sit down and do something on my own).  out of nowhere she put her finger on my forehead and said, "mommy, why don't i have these?" i responded..."have what, row?"...her response..."these stripes." after i picked my jaw up off the floor (and my pride) i told her maybe one day when she was older she'd get them.  thank you rowan...for pointing out that mommy has wrinkles on her forehead. seriously???

* "daddy's is bigger than"
yes...she was referring to what you think.  rowan told her grandma gora (derek's mom, mind you) that her daddy has a big pee-pee.  she even went on to tell grandma that... "daddy's pee-pee is bigger than rigby's."  she said this when she was only 3.  3! and the fact that she was talking about size...obviously out of her innocence she was just.stating.the.facts.  but the irony of it all...! needless to say, from that point on, neither of the kids have been allowed anywhere near us when we're getting dressed (which is also not easy because they are super curious).

* "one day i'm going to have my own car and i'm going to drive it all by  myself"'re only four.  please stop talking about having your own car.  that freaked me out.  this was only a few weeks ago that she said this.  totally out of left field.

* "mommy LOOK AT HIS FACE"
this is one of my less proud moments as a mother.  not too long ago we were in the grocery store working our way thru the baking aisle...when rowan points and yells in a loud voice "mommy LOOK AT HIS FACE".  i had already seen the guy coming, so i knew who she was referring to.  this gentlemen works a walmart (usually as a greeter) but must have been restocking that afternoon.  his entire face is basically a huge red birth mark...something i'm sure he's been isolated for his whole life. all i could say was, "no rowan, mommy is not going to look.  you're being very rude.  now please sit down and be quiet". but she was trying to show me something...she had no idea what being rude was.  so she started crying and screaming even louder "mommy look at his face."  I was horrified inside, but maintained my shopping pace and my cool (by the grace of God).  once we got out of the aisle i explained to her that God made every person different and no two people look the same...and that we NEVER point at people for ANY reason, and that it might really hurt their feelings. ug...what a terrible moment. 

he said:
* "mommy...i like boobs"
rigby's statements are much simpler. he barged in on me getting dressed not too long ago. i guess he was just being honest. eek.

* "bad guy"
my mom and doug took the kids to old country buffet and this big burly guy with a beard walked by.  rigby took one look at him, turned to my mom and said, "bad guy" with a matter of fact head nod.  my mom said the guy and his wife even heard him say it.  she was so embarrassed :)  if only you could hear how he says bad guy.  it's actually pretty hilarious.

* "dear god and howy spirit"
rigby likes to start his bedtime prayer off every night by addressing either "dear god and howy spirit" or "dear jesus, god and howy spirit" ...either way, it's super cute.  to hear him say howy spirit (Holy Spirit obviously) makes me giggle inside every time.  at least he's including Him...most people leave the Holy Spirit out of their prayers altogether :)

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