Monday, February 18, 2013


we took the kids to get haircuts recently.  it was rowan's first time ever getting a big girl haircut...which was waaaaay overdue.  and it was technically rigby's second haircut, but his first time sitting alone in the chair (daddy had taken him one time before but he would only sit on daddy's lap). 
we went downtown valpo to this little place just for kids...they have a little play area with a slide, the kids get to pick out and watch their own movie while sitting in a car with a gas pedal that works, wheels that move and all sort of buttons and gadgets while eating suckers, they get a juice box and popcorn...all for $16 bucks.  it was TOTALLY worth it.  the kids loved it and willingly sat there for the hair cut.  the lady even let rig switch cars in the middle of his haircut so he could sit in the fire truck AND the police car.  what a great place. and so fun!
rig being a big boy
it took a LOT of suckers to keep him happy.
rowan was such a little lady for her appt.  i was so surprised how grown up she
acted.  it's crazy to see how much they change behavior wise
when they turn 4!
this picture will only mean something to you if
you were familiar with rowan's stringy mess of hair prior to the haircut.
row got a small pink stripe in her hair that lasted
a few days.  soooooo stylish :)

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