Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day

since i'm a blogging master tonight, i've decided to get my valentine's post done while we're still in the month of february. it's amazing what i can get done when i get home and everyone is sleeping.  this is awesome :)
the kiddos had a really good valentine's day.  actually, valentine's week.  they've eaten more candy than this momma would like to admit.  their ever so sweet and thoughtful aunt jenny (and uncle nick) sent them valentine's all the way from houston.  the kid's LOVE getting mail from aunt jenny. 
it's one of those special things in life if you ask me...
getting a big box in the mail is special even for us big kids, don't you think?
we also made some super cute gifts for some of the widows in our church and delivered them on valentine's day (with the help of my friend liz)!  we made our own heart bookmarks out of cut up paint chips from lowe's, a 3d heart piece of art, homemade cards, and decorated gift bags for each of the widows.  it was a lot of fun and a lot of work! 
but it was so worth it. 
we wanted the little old ladies in church to get some special love on valentine's day. 
one of the ladies even invited us in for a bit to chat when we dropped her gift off.  i sat and visited and the kids entertained us by doing circles in her spinning chair.  i was a little nervous they'd break something, but she was so relaxed and just genuinely enjoying our company...she didn't seem to mind the chaos at all.  it was a blessing to me to even just be in her presence...she was such a gentle soul.  and i know rigby really enjoyed himself because he got so comfortable on our visit that he took off his coat, his shoes and his socks! i think she thought he was a hoot :)   
i took the kids to a senior breakfast a few days before and this same widow was actually sitting next to us at the table.  she was so sweet and so comfortable talking with the kids and they really took to her.  it was funny to watch rigby and rowan sit at a table with 5 old ladies and answer all their questions and tell them things at the breakfast that day. like rowan wanted to be sure to tell them she had a cat and his name was cole.
i'm so glad that i stepped out of my comfort zone and did that too.  i think sometimes i get too comfortable in my own little world and forget that there are people out there who could use a little company and extra attention.  just like the bible says in the book of James..."true religion is look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from becoming polluted by the world."
true religion is LIVING what we believe.
my prayer for my family this year is that we would do just that.  i read a quote in a book recently that really stuck with me...
"who we are, is how we live our lives" (similar to annie dillard's quote i guess). 
it seems simple enough though, right? 
but think about it. 
who we REALLY are, is how we actually live each day...not who we might say or think we are. 
that's sort of sobering, at least for me.

opening their presents from aunt jennie
rig dug in to his chocolate immediately!
he can't eat his candy fast enough.
but rowan takes her time. she likes to lay out all of her
candy in rows and gaze at it.
here are our bookmarks!
our heart art :)
en route.
these are the bags the kids helped decorate



  1. Haha... had to laugh when you said that about rowan. She is SO particular when it comes to that. :) Her and rig are complete opposites. They absolutely crack me up!! Love the way those 3d hearts turned out. Goign to try them. :)
    It was so fun when we took the kids out in the snow while we were there. Rigby was so funny when he wiped the snow off the firepit and ask if we could start a fire and roast marshmallows! lol I laughed so hard. He was a brave little dude and wanted to stay outside forever, where rowan wanted to go inside and just watch. :) Your little "hill" in the back was a blast to sled on. :)
    Wow... the hair cut place looks like fun. I think even this 18 year old wouldn't mind that much fun sometimes. lol jk :) Wish they would have had fancy places like that when I was growing up! :))

    See you soon!

  2. :) i love sending them stuff. that was really nice what you did for all those widows and I think that's so cute how rowan and rigby weren't shy and talked to them!