Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas time!

Christmas was so long ago I can barely remember ANY of it.  Someone remind me of this next year so I get my blog entry written a little sooner! 

Some of the highlights for the kids this year would probably be dinasours and a doll house.  Derek and I did the usual stocking stuffers for eachother (last minute of course, but is there really any other way?).  My favorite stocking gift would have to be the practice golf balls I got...I can't wait to swing my little heart away this spring out in the yard!  And for Derek, I'm sure he'd say it was the stemless wine glasses.

The kids helped me decorate the tree this year...which was so much fun.  Plus, I actually NEEDED their help because I was fresh out of knee surgery and moving a little slow.  Derek played a part and actually hung some of the lights on the tree...but he thought the job was done after a few strings.  So this crippled Momma had to finish it.  Men just don't get it...Christmas trees are supposed to EXPLODE light. I guess I should say all men except my Dad...he's one of the few that "gets" it :)  He usually helps us decorate the tree, but I don't remember what he was up to the day we did it this year.  He did manage to surprise us by buying lights and decorating our bushes in front of the house!  That was a first for us...Derek swears he'll never do it! 

We were on a strict Christmas budget this year...not a lot of gift buying and giving. Derek got laid off two weeks before Christmas, and I was off work for a few weeks due to my surgery. We were a little worried...but as usual, our Lord provided :) We had friends from church surprise us with extra gifts for the kids (so amazing) and then my work gave us all a Christmas bonus at the last minute...a bonus we were told we would not be getting this year. Does anyone remember the verse in Proverbs that says THE HEART OF A KING IS IN HIS HAND? What a blessing it is to remember that God is sovereign and that he is always (always) working things for our good. Thank you Lord.

we stopped by a local nursing home that had santa there...
the kids were not fans. 
there were reindeer though...that made it worthwhile :)
we made christmas cookies! 
getting the christmas decorations ready
our mantle.
i made wreaths this fun!
we hung all our cards...also fun!
derek read the bible on christmas morning
the kids played out the scene with their little people manger...
complete with jesus, wise men, a camel, a donkey, mary, joseph and an angel
dinasours RULE
we asked rowan what her favorite christmas present was this year...
yep...she it was her tinkerbell toothbrush. ha!
rig was so excited about his train that he
immediately held it high!
cole...still living the dream
see that pink streamer?
remember when i said the kids helped decorate?
rowan's touch.
the kids played with their stockings for a long time before they
even realized there were other presents...
one of my favorite parts of christmas this year.
christmas at the gora's
(rowan was handing out presents)

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