Friday, December 14, 2012

derek's favorite photo

Derek took Rowan out to play a week ago while Rigby and I were napping (another night of insomnia for this Momma).  It turned out to be one of those warm days in the middle of this so called "winter" Daddy and Rowan really got some good play time in.  Derek said he LOVES this photo of her so I wanted to make sure it made it's debut on the blog.

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  1. LOVE THIS GIRL!! :) Such a sweet, charming, funny little girl.
    Enjoyed looking through the blog... :) The kids are SO CUTE I sometimes can't get over it. Rigby has that awesome smile... and those adorable cheeks. Just want to eat them up!! ;)
    It was funny because I had Rig on my lap today and he looked up at me and said "That's edicalas!" (rediculous) and I said "REDICULOUS?" He smiled, laughed and said "Yeah". I said "Where'd you get that word from??!!" He looked at me so seriously and said "From my mouth!!" ADORABLE! :)