Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Rowan and Derek went to their first Daddy Daughter Dance this spring. 
It was quite the event.  Rowan talked about it for weeks before! 
I let her pick out a new dress, necklace, bracelet and hair bow...AND we did her hair and nails. 
She was so excited.  The whole thing was just adorable.
Derek said the dance itself was quite an experience.  There was a room full of little girls dancing to old school hip hop music like MC Hammer. Ha!  I can only imagine.  He said Rowan was glowing though...twirling and dancing the night away. Again, a-dor-able.
patiently waiting to leave!

a photo shoot with daddy. 

and Rig got in on the action.  yes, even in his tightie white-ies...
which he was wearing backwards by the way.
strutting her stuff with her purse and jean jacket as
she makes her way to the
at the dance!

and we met for ice cream after with some of her little friends
and their daddys.  so stinkin' cute!

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