Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 4th

We made it to the 4th of July parade in Laporte again this year. I was so happy that Derek could's never the same with out him (the last few years he had to work).  !
Our good friends Peggy and Tony reserve tables along the street every year at a restaurant so we have our own space to enjoy the parade.  Peggy is always so on top of things...she had a bag full of red, white and blue goodies for the kids.  She always knows how to make things extra special for them. 
Rowan made out like a bandit with a headband, necklace and bracelet ...
Rigby ended up with a flag and a Burger King crown. 
If you know the personality of our kids at all,
the items they picked will make perfect
We spent the afternoon at Peggy and Tony's swimming (always so much fun!)
and ended the evening at the Attaberry's for fireworks.
It was a blessed day!!
my crew
decked out in her bling from Peggy

i love watching their reactions to the parade...
so sweet
their best buddies Haley and Chase
front row seats!
rig was super excited about the firetrucks
but he wasn't as fond of all the horns and sirens
sparkler time!


  1. Awh!! Loved seeing the pics of the kids! Such cutie pies as always!! Riggy is adorable with his fingers in his ears and his waving... Rowan and her little "girly-ness" such a sweetie! :)

    1. Stepheny!!! The kids miss you so much. Come and see us when you get home...they loved your post card btw :)

    2. Hopefully we can get around to seeing you all soon!!! :) Miss you all!!! (and I am back now!)