Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We spent Easter at my sister-in-law Janel's house this year. 
Our day consisted of an easter egg hunt, some delicious food, some relaxing and vegging out on the sofa, and a few photo ops...(see below). 
I really need to write my blog posts a little closer to the dates that things happen
so I could have more to write!  Ug. 
I do remember though, that this was the day that we all found out that my sister-in-law, Jenny, was pregnant!  We had all been praying for her and her hubby, and it was such an answer to prayer to find out that they were expecting their first precious little baby.  We're SO excited for them!!!
The latest news on the baby front is that they are having a BOY! 
I think Jenny was sort of hoping for a girl...
mainly because all of the little girl clothes out there are so stinking cute...
Who can blame her, right? :) 
I'm sure her son will be a dapper little guy...
dressed to the hilt with pinstripes, bowties and fedoras!



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