Sunday, July 14, 2013

gone fishin

The kids have been wanting to fish a lot.  They're doing a lot better this year..."better" meaning they last a little longer than one cast! 
They actually sit for a bit and watch their bobbers. 
And luckily the fish in our pond are STARVING so they're very easy to catch.  Right now we have a plastic swimming pool in our back yard with two of the fish the kids caught last week.  They've been checking on them, making bubbles in the water so they can breath, and feeding them worms. 
Right now Rig's favorite part of fishing is definitely digging for worms.  He wants to dig for worms two or three times a's a little exhausting for this mama!  I'm trying to let them enjoy their new love for fishing...but stopping whatever I'm doing to run thru the back yard with a shovel every few hours is getting a little old.
A few months ago I remember Derek saying Rig could dig holes anywhere in the yard he wanted...he was so excited about Rig loving bugs and worms.  But that didn't last long.  A few large mud holes later and our digging is now confined to areas that don't include landscaping. 
I've wondered a few times what people must think when they drive by on 421 and see me on the burm in the back digging holes...
the kids like to drive over to the pond. 
it's cute...they even put their poles in the back!

my dad is a big part of their fishing...
they love when papa comes to fish :)

Rowan got this one a few minutes after casting out!
Rig loves reelin' em in

Daddy is showing Rig how to safely hold the fish
he just caught
he's dying to pick it up again!

uh got loose

...until next time

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