Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My little Rigby and Michelle's Oakley are best buds.  They play really good together (as long as no one's grouchy) and always seem to have something up their sleeve that involves trucks or mud. They usually head straight for Michelle's sandbox and will push trucks around in the sand for as long as we'll let them.  My heart always smiles when I see them playing like that.  I just love that they love each other.

During one of the recent floods they took advantage of some driveway water that wasn't draining...so of course they did their best to fill a cone full of mud and play trucks.  

I think they're discussing their plans for the cone.

The answer could only be MUD!

And on to truck driving...
eventually the girls snuck in for a dip.

We even made it out to climb
in the skidster that afternoon

boys rule :)

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