Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wagon rides anyone?

well, it sounds like fun doesn't it?  pulling a wagon or (better yet) walking alongside while someone else does all the hard work.  but to be honest, it gets old about the 5th time in one day!  rowan has become increasinlgy fond of pulling rigby around in the wagon.  we all get tired of it...even my mom!  she told me the last time she was over that mimi can only take so much :) rowan is slowly wearing us all down...

one of the cutest things about us going on walks though, is that our cat (cole) follows us.  it's so's like he babysits the kids.  he even crosses the street with us.  too funny.  and if cole shows up late when we're already on a walk, he'll run to where ever we are and then trot alongside.  if he gets too far ahead of us at any point along the walk, he'll lie down on the sidewalk and wait for us.  this cat is something else i tell ya! 


this is one of my favorites from the summer...
you can see rigby in the background following his big sister.

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