Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mini monet

well, i finally decided to let my little rigby get his feet wet painting...or should i say fingers :)  i usually make rowan wait until rigby is napping for her painting escapades, just because rigby has been more into eating and tasting than anything else up to this point.  but i gave in this weekend and decided to let him have some fun, even if it did involve some ingesting of paint. 

i was really surprised though...rigby got ahold of that paintbrush and did his best to paint our infamous ceramic kitty.  he got a little distracted at one point and was painting his chest and belly with the was so cute!

our infamous ceramic kitty and doggy have been with us for 2 whole years now.  my original thought was that after they were finished i'd buy more little animals or cute ceramics for her to paint...but it's looking like that might not ever happen!  rowan seems to paint and repaint the same areas on the them (their faces) leaving most of their backsides paint free.  she doesn't seem to get the idea that she's already painted those areas (numerous times) and that the white areas still need some of her attention.  so anyway, i think i need to buy a flat ceramic object for her so that it only has one :)

the infamous kitty and mini monet in action

he's serious

working hard :)

i love how they both have the same "concentrating" expression

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