Monday, August 8, 2011

vacation time!

i took some time off in july and was able to spend the week just doing stuff with the kids.  our babysitter was heading to disneyland for a week, so i got to play mommy 8-5.  it was actually the perfect way to spend a week paid...playing with my precious babies!  we were out and about every day - swimming at friends, going the park, the zoo, the waterpark, swimming again in our hillbilly pool and then finally spent a day at my mom's.

oh how i wish i had more time with the kids like this.  the house was still as messy as usual, and i think i only managed to make a good dinner one night that week...but it was so worth it.  derek can't take any vacation time since he's just in the beginnings of his ironworker's internship so that was a bummer. 

we ended up going up to lincoln park zoo in chicago one day with katie, haley and baby chase.  it was super hot of course, so there really weren't too many animals out and about.  but the girls still LOVED it of course.  i think both haley and rowan enjoyed the bird exhibit the most!  doesn't it figure...all these large exotic animals and the girls had the most fun with the ones they could find in their back yard.

rowan and haley were really cracking us up that day.  they held hands, ate snacks, and traveled in style!  i pushed two 30lb kids and stroller the size of a bus around all day...and i seriously got a work out.

first class seats

bff's rowan and so cute!

rigby and his bff - FOOD :)

mmmm my very own ice cream cone....thanks mommy!

i think haley is trying to get rowan on board for kissing...rowan isn't much for friend affection. 
she usually pushes away even for hugs.

it looks like haley won her over! 

watch out fools -- we own this place!

all tuckered out

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