Monday, August 8, 2011

deep river = deep pockets

katie and i took the kids to the waterpark one day --- and i doubt i'll be doing that again any time soon.  it was fun for the kids, don't get me wrong, but it cost nothing short of a small fortune to get in.  i was stupid enough to decide honesty is the best policy when it comes to my kid's age...and 12 months just happened to be the cut off for half price admission.  so rigby cost $17, rowan cost $17 (kids cost) and then the adult cost was $25 bucks, plus i brought my eleven year old niece along which was another $25.  i think i spent upwards of $80 getting in to the place.  yikes!  if i would have known it would be highway robbery to get in, i obviously would have went to the beach or found something else to do. 

supposedly after 2pm the prices drop significantly, but that's not necessarily the best time of day for little ones who need naps and dinners and all that. 

well at least lincoln park zoo was free, that makes me feel a little better.

yes, we are very HANDY and CAPABLE women. 
we strapped that badboy to the roof ourselves!
having a little girl time

i wonder what they're talking about :)

getting a little tired i think

soon after, a serious pretzel disagreement

this guy will sleep anywhere!

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