Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Porter County Fair

We made it to the fair again this year....twice!  We had our fill of yummy fair food and hillbilly's that's for sure.  We missed out on all the animals though, which was a bummer.  We got there a little too early in the week so all of the animals hadn't made it there yet.  We did manage to see the bunnies though, and they were a big hit :)

Rowan went on rides this year and loved it!  Except for the swings, that was sort of a disaster.  And poor little Rig, he just can't be trusted yet.  So he had to stay on the sidelines and watch...and he wasn't super thrilled about it either.  He basically growled and tried to squeeze thru or break the gates.  So sad!  But he's not big enough to understand that he has to stay seated on the rides...maybe next year.

a cowgirl's view

admiring the big girl swing ride


flying her plane with her co-pilot Gretchen

all of the sudden she's not so sure about the swings
little drivers

tea cups!

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