Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a regular scene around our house...rigby - without pants or a care in the world - and digging in the yard.

This morning he found a dead bird, a baby worm, a bird egg with a feather stuck to it, and some strange rock.

I kept trying to get him to come in and out of the heat...but in his serious voice with palms turned up and pounding he would say..."no mom, not until I find something else to show you, k."

Hmmmm...must I start burying treasures in the mulch for this child to keep him satisfied? ... I know what you're thinking...he'll get bored and move on, right? Wrong?! He just raises the stakes and gets the hose involved. He did this for hours this joke....hours. His little face was so red and flush!

Well at least I have some leverage with this kid...SNACKS. Thank the Lord he loves to eat :)

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  1. LOL... Only Riggy!!! :) Love that little boy!!