Tuesday, August 6, 2013

strawberry picking

michelle and i took the kids strawberry picking not too long ago.  
it was truly a blessed day.  
i remember just thanking God as i picked and 
watched the kids stuff their faces with berries...
i was so thankful to be HOME with them, finally.  
i've had to miss outings like these with my bestie the past 4 years while i worked.  
and i just remember this afternoon being one of the special moments 
that my heart cried out in thanksgiving to God.  

tractor ride!

michelle and oaks

my loves

snacking as we picked (of course!)

i love this pic.  you can almost hear him say
"cheeeeeeeese" (like the does for EVERY pic...lol)

1 comment :

  1. Awh!! I miss my babies SO much!! Can't wait to see them when I get back! It's been too long!!
    Love you guys!!!