Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween...[better late than never]

We let the kids pick their own Halloween costumes this year.  Rowan and I did a little internet surfing and she finally settled on Annie!  Her first choice is usually something Princess related, but Rowan loves old movies, especially Annie, so I guess I shouldn't have been to surprised.  Her taste in old movies cracks me up because what four year old loves Pride and Prejudice?  Only Rowan.  She was walking around the house bowing and curtsying (sp?) like the woman of old after watching those movies.  She also likes Heidi or anything with Shirley Temple.

Back to Halloween! Rigby went with his staple boy choice for everything...Spiderman. He picked out his costume online as well and was super excited until it arrived. He was scared of all the padding and refused to wear it at first! But after some healthy bribery from Mom, he eventually came around.

before the funny wig...

and after :)

that' rig behind that mask...and of course you can't miss Annie


screaming in excitement before we started our trick or treating

this Momma opted for the stroller so I didn't end up carrying a very
large toddler version of Spiderman around!

I had to include this because Rowan looks hilarious.
And Rig is wearing one pink glove and one blue...I obviously wasn't ready
for cold weather at Halloween!  ha :)

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