Sunday, December 2, 2012

pumpkin time

We did our thing at the local pumpkin patch with the kids this year.  It's always a good time.  They get to ride the ponies and pick out their own pumpkins.  Rowan had a little meltdown over Halloween candy before we left, but other than that it was good times as usual.  Except for the fact that they weren't selling apple cider this year...I was not excited about that. 
No one was really into carving pumpkins either.  Rowan wanted her signature cat pumpkin, so we went with Hello Kitty this year.  And we made Rigby a Mickey Mouse one.  The seemed to rot extra fast my only pic is a little sad!
Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty
and Mommy's No Face Pumpkin (I was sort of over it by then)

on our pumpkin mission

getting ready to pick!

Rig is showing off his muscles :)

Rigby wasn't too sure about the horse ride...
eventually Mommy had to walk beside him

But Rowan is a cowgirl at heart and
rode by herself this year!

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