Friday, December 9, 2011

tiny dancers

our kids do a lot of dancing...A LOT.  they dance probably every day.  rowan usually has to put on some sort of dress or tutu and high heels, but rigby is willing to dance in anything or nothing at all :) 

sometimes they run and scream, sometimes they run in circles or sometimes they actually dance.  lately rigby has been going crazy and really getting into it but i don't have a video of that yet.  i'll try to post one in the next few days.  rowan will usually go into my dad's room and put on some of his oldies and then come and get us and tell us it's time for "the show"...too funny. 

here are a few videos...rowan's is dark, but it's worth posting because she's all over the place. and rigby's, well, it's just funny.

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