Friday, December 9, 2011


Rowan came racing into my room this morning screaming "snow Mommy snow!"  She was super excited of course.  She asked over and over all morning if she could go out and play, and I kept saying no since we have a schedule to keep, and I had to get to work.  Well eventually I caved and let them play for awhile outstide before we left.  I've worked so much overtime this last 2 weeks that I deserved a late morning anyway!

After making a few steps in the snow, Rowan excitedly pointed at her footprints and said "look Mommy I made clues"...meaning she left footprints like in the cartoon Blues Clues.  I had to laugh out loud of course...only Rowan :)  Rigby was content to follow Rowan wherever she went and to do whatever she did.  If she ate snow, he ate snow.  If she piled snow into the planters, so did he.  I think he was a little confused, but was as excited as she was to get down and dirty.

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